Today's Chatter from Chrissie Towers

Today's Chatter from Chrissie Towers

Today’s Chatter from Chrissie Towers is a mixed bag – about flu, McDonalds and TV licenses!

Today’s Chatter from Chrissie Towers: Flu

Poor Kevin is really having his share of the flu. Just as we thought he might be turning the corner, he’s succumbed again to the nasty little virus.

He came into my bedroom early yesterday morning with his woolly hat on, dressing gown and socks to tell me he was back to square one and felt absolutely awful. I think the disguise was because he felt so cold and shivery, again! He was aching all over and felt dreadful and with that, he turned round and went back to bed.

He’s spent most days in bed for a full week now, and not very well at all, poor lad. I think he must have wanted a bit of mothering and TLC to cheer him up. He didn’t even want any of my bread and butter pudding at lunchtime yesterday, which he loves, so he must be not well! He’s hardly eaten anything for over a week and had lost half a stone in the first five days. Jane’s pleased about that as she thought he was getting a bit ‘podgy’ shall we say. He certainly doesn’t look like our Kevin, he’s all white and washed out. One thing is for sure, he will have a flu jab next year. I think that’s called learning the hard way!!

I said I didn’t want ONIONS!

I was amused, although I shouldn’t be, when I read about the person who had rung 999 to report staff for putting onions in his Big Mac. It seems that the man in question had a severe allergy, not sure what to (presumably onions) but anyway, he demanded that the police turn up and ‘sort them out’. He actually tried to get the McDonalds manager who asked him to leave to go outside for a fight. I’m not surprised I have to say, I ask you. Although he was drunk, he doesn’t look the stereotype of what you would expect to carry on like that. That’s if there is a ‘type’. He’s in his early fifties and has a job as an insurance person. He was on his way to meet his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary when all this happened.

Form for ASB in McDonalds…

The police must have turned up, presumably as he was verging on violence, and even though he wanted the police there he flew into a rage and tried to grab one cop by the leg as they tried to pick him up! When in court, he said that he wasn’t happy about the onions on his bun, but got a twelve month community order after admitting the assault. It wasn’t his first encounter with McDonalds in the trouble stakes as he’d been arrested for spitting in a policeman’s face when he was arrested in the shop last December.

Some anniversary that turned out to be, didn’t it. I am curious as to why he was so drunk when meeting his wife for an anniversary date. Plus, was he starving or something while on his way to meet her? I just sort of thought he would be meeting her for a meal or something as it was a special occasion, he just must have been peckish and thirsty don’t you think. How to learn the hard way. I would have murdered him if he’d been my husband and carried on like that on our special day, maybe he was more scared of his wife than the police!!

Free TV Licence for Over 75s

What does anyone think about the banning of the free TV licence for the over 75’s?

I was quite spitting feathers when I heard the news. The powers that be have warned that sports and drama programmes will be slashed unless the free licence is scrapped for the over 75’s. MP’s have been told that they need to save a whopping amount of money every year to continue letting us oldies have it for free. The bosses claim that it would fundamentally change the BBC. There are 4.64 million of us who get a free licence.

Someone who sits on an all parliamentary group on the BBC said that if it were anyone else proposing these cuts, the BBC would be leading the outcry against it. I bet.

Then on the same page of the weekend paper I read that the new set for Eastenders is way over budget and has cost an outrageous amount of money. They are twenty seven million over budget to a final bill of £86,000,000.

Did you know they spent £44,000 looking at brick samples for the new set? I would have done it for a lot less than that if they’d asked me. They say they want the set to ‘look authentic’. Or do they mean that Coronation Street has a new set so they want one.

We all know that the BBC have wasted money hand over fist, along with jaunts abroad, when the job could have been shot here. The waste is endless, big fat wages and expense accounts and all the rest of the money they have so liberally thrown about, courtesy of you and me. So instead of targeting us oldies, many of which who are so dependant on their TV for company, why don’t they look in a mirror. Take a long hard look and see what they have been throwing money away on for donkeys years, and that’s just what we have been told in the media. Instead their answer is to hit pensioners hard and take away their licence, but isn’t that just typical of the way the institution is run.

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