Time to Party!

Time to Party!

Here I am again. Sorry I missed my blog on Monday but it was time to party on Monday as I was out with my Rossall Beach friends at the dinner and entertainment afternoon at The Venue. What a good afternoon out it was too, we had a right old laugh. Sadly some of our dear friends couldn’t be with us for one reason or another but they weren’t forgotten, we all thought about them all and wished they could have been with us.

Time to Party!

We kicked off the meal with a lovely melon arrangement which was very nice and oh I so love the raspberry sauce that was served with it, yummy! Next, onto the main meal of turkey, which I had and most of my friends did. After all it is a traditional Christmas meal, so why not. It was a great meal with very tender turkey, delicious roast potatoes and carrots and turnip to die for. How they cooked them I don’t know but they were so tasty. I’ve only ever had them cooked like that at The Venue, and they again didn’t disappoint.

Everyone raved about how tasty the gravy was, it was scrumptious, and then came the dessert. Mmmmmm was that good. I had a lemon cheesecake with ginger and fresh cream, and boy was I full by the time I’d finished. I felt as though much more and I would explode all over the floor, not a good sight don’t you think, so I stopped at the cheesecake!

Two Puddings

Somebody didn’t turn up, who had ordered Christmas pudding for their dessert. Amid shouts of ‘do you want it’ and everyone saying no they were too full, guess who said ‘I’ll have it’ with a laugh all over her face? Yes, my darling daughter, who couldn’t resist the thoughts of Christmas pudding, and she scoffed the lot! Then she kept saying ‘there’s no wonder I’m putting weight on is there’ all said with an impish look on her face.

Two puddings
Two puddings

A man was playing a keyboard while we were eating which was Christmassy. When the plates had been cleared away and the lunch finished, we were treated to a sing song with a vocalist, who again was very good. We were all singing our heads off which as you can see on our video, we were having a whale of a time, helped by our great friends who were also joining in.

Chrissie sings at party afternoon at The Venue

I think it’s fair to say that ours was the noisiest table yet again, no change there then, as we always seem to create a racket when we get together. We hadn’t even been drinking unless lemon and lime is intoxicating, I don’t think! The vocalist had us all participating with her which was hilarious, and then some brave souls got up and had a dance. Although my feet were tapping away, my days of dancing seem to have come to an end with cronkey knees that would probably give way and leave me slumped on the floor in a heap, so again I resisted the temptation to ‘have a go’.


When all that was over, we had three games of bingo. Now not having ever played bingo in my life, other than as a party game in my own house, I was a bit puzzled by what to do. For a start we should have had three cards and most of us on our table had two or one, so being nearest to the caller I had to ask for more cards, which did seem to put him out a bit. I did wonder if he thought we’d been clearing the tables with them or something but eventually we got under way.

Now not being used to the finer rules of the game, the first card was a complete puzzle to me, as he was firing off the numbers at ninety miles an hour leaving me with eyes that were swivelling round all over the place trying to find which number was which. So by the time we did the second card I cottoned on to the fact that the numbers were in columns, but he still seemed to be going too quick, which a few more also said. Maybe his chips for his own tea were on in the fat fryer or something, but we got there in the end and with no win under my belt, that was that.

Kicking out Time

By then we thought we’d better get off home as we’d been out all afternoon from 11.45am and it was now 4.40 pm.

Party time at The Venue
Party time at The Venue

Were my dogs delighted to see me. Derek didn’t go as we knew it was too long to leave the dogs, and apparently both of them refused to have their dinner until I came home. Ah bless them, somebody misses me when I am gone. We got all our glad rags off and set to with the salad we were having for tea. At least Derek enjoyed it, but us three were too full of Christmas fare to fill ourselves up yet again!

It was a smashing afternoon out with our friends. We have another one to go to on Friday, followed by another on Monday and then a party later on after that. Jane and I will be clapping weight on before we’ve finished, although I could do with putting a bit of weight on!

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