Thunder and Lightning and Break Ins

Thunder and Lightning and Break Ins

Did anyone get caught in the thunder and lightning and heavy rain on Tuesday? We went out and managed to mostly miss it, although we got a soaking on the drive when we got home. The weather forecast on TV yesterday morning showed a great big yellow weather warning over our area with rain, thunder and lightning promised. Thankfully it didn’t happen!

Thunder and Lightning and Break Ins

Something did happen in the night, not sure if it was Monday or the day before, but a bungalow on Green Drive was broken into in the early hours of the morning. Thieves removed a wooden panel from the door. They went in and stole a TV, mobile phone, got the car keys to a, I think camper van, and drove off in style with their swag!

It’s coming to something when all this is going on and on. It was always known as a safe area around here in the past, but now, there’s vandals, petty thieving and then incidents like this. I don’t know whether the owners were tucked up safe in bed or what, but if they were, imagine how they must have felt if they did waken up and confront burglars, it would have been terrible. In my opinion, crime shouldn’t be escalating anywhere like it is. I just wish those in charge would find an answer and stop all this thieving.

Our Break In

We were burgled in a past life, when we lived in Yorkshire. It was 25 odd years ago, just before Christmas and we’d been to Meadowhall. When getting home at about 6pm on a cold Winter’s night, we went into the house and saw that the patio doors at the back of the house were open. As you do, we looked at each other wondering if one of us had left the doors open, while in our minds we knew that we hadn’t.

We had a parrot in his cage right next to the door and our first thought was that thank goodness they hadn’t let him out of his cage or taken him. They had a good rifle through the house and we could only find a watch and about five pounds that had been stolen. We’re certain we disturbed them and they ran off the same way they came in, over our back garden and into the fields opposite.

‘No proof’

The police knew for certain who’d done it, but had no proof. Again that old story. One local family were acting like a single-handed crimewave – lots of our neighbours had also been burgled, and no end of sheds and cars were broken into at the time.

To make matters worse, a local corner shop was running a fencing racket, where the thieves were taking their loot to sell. Yet despite the fact that the police were pretty sure they knew what was going on, it was a number of years before it was stopped. Eventually the corner shop was closed down – not because they were running a thieving ring but because it had been carved up into flats inside, without proper fire escapes. I ask you. But once the shop was shut and the owners went, normal peace and order resumed.

Get out of my drawers!

The result of our burglary was that we felt defiled at the thought of someone going through our things and drawers. There was a pile of wrapped Christmas presents in one bedroom which hadn’t been touched, no doubt because they saw our car lights and scarpered. I honestly believe if we’d been back any later they would have ransacked the place leaving us a right old mess to clear up. As it was, they left muddy shoe prints on the brand new carpets. But it could have been a lot worse.

I was the worst affected and couldn’t sleep at night for a long long time as I was sure they would come back. They had actually come back about three weeks later, but we’d had the patio doors changed by then and an alarm system fitted, although there was evidence that they’d tried to get in. I was so frightened for a long time and jumped at the least noise.

It’s not OK

So I feel so sorry for people who have been in a similar or worse position than we were in. I know how scared and violated they feel, and angry that nothing happens to catch the wretches who think it’s OK to wreck people’s lives. It makes you wonder though doesn’t it, as not much seems to have changed from all those years ago.

Crimes still had the same carry on back then and that was before the days of ‘cut-backs’. They either knew who the perpetrators were and had no evidence, or it seemed that people were ignored.

Meanwhile, the show goes on with nothing changing. As they say the circus never changes, the clowns just move around! I hope they catch the people who have broken into the bungalow and they have consequences instead of a suspended sentence, a light one or a fine. No doubt it will be something daft anyway it seems to be the norm these days. If I hear one more time about ‘well they had a difficult childhood’ or ‘this, that and the other happened’ I might scream. Lots of children have difficult young years, always have and always will. I had a ‘difficult childhood’ back in the dark ages. But not everyone becomes feckless and devil may care, that’s the difference.

One thing I do know is that people should be able to sleep in their beds at night, or leave their property without fear of having possessions pinched. Don’t you think? Or am I asking too much of today’s society!

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