They've been at it again...

They've been at it again...

They’ve been at it again (and again) those twerps that gather in the bus station at night to see if they can get up to anything worse than they have already been doing. It seems that in spite of the police patrolling, the little darlings managed to pull off yet more boards in the bus station, at this rate they are going to be browned off when they run out of boards to wreck!

I don’t know when the police are intending to do something about these horrible youths but it’s time they got on with it. Why does it make you constantly feel you are being fobbed off. When they know who they are, why don’t the police go to all their homes and tell the parents that it’s their kid who is vandalising, then tell them they have to share the cost between them and hit them in their pockets! They cost over a £1,000 to make along with a lot of time over many months. It will cost the same again to replace them by the time they’ve finished wrecking them all.

Expensive vandalism

It did occur to me to wonder what the attitude would be if the information was promoting something good like Trinity Hospice or similar if they suffered such expensive vandalism. Am I being cynical in my old age or would the wheels of justice speed up? I know what I think, how about you. Until they are named and shamed and the parents made to be responsible for their behaviour it will just go on and on and on…….

The kids thinking that the police are matey and won’t stop them. It’s not just our town, this carry-on is going on all over the UK, with some areas being much worse than others. Why isn’t it being stopped and a good old dose of discipline doled out, until they learnt that their behaviour isn’t acceptable. What will our country be like in thirty years time with all the stabbings and murder that are becoming part of everyday life? My friends who are involved in all this are as hopping mad as I am, so for goodness sake police, do something about them!!

Footnote: At 8.30pm last night we had another call from the police to say that another 2 panels had been ripped off. This morning the Council are going to take what’s left of them down and put them in the lock-up.

Meanwhile in the Madhouse…

Now back to life in our house. Kevin is back at work full time and I’m beginning to wonder if he wishes he was still poorly. The poor lad has had one problem after another to sort out, none of which are his doing. Yesterday I thought he was going to pull his hair out with frustration, and we all know he hasn’t much to tear out, don’t we! Jane was ranting about all the rubbish in the bus station and he was ranting about computers so between the two of them there was a lot of swearing going on!

Anyway, back to me. The other day I was going out and decided that I would go mad and put a bit of mascara on. There I was waving my ‘wand’ about in the air, staring into the mirror which looked a bit fuzzy as I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Have you ever tried plucking your eyebrows with glasses on, it’s not easy I can tell you. Anyway, there I was, glasses perched on the end of my nose, when I realised that I wasn’t going to get the mascara in the right place, as anyone who wears glasses will tell you.

Eye, eye…

Off came the glasses and with me squinting into the mirror for all I was worth, I started curling my eyelashes. They still aren’t a bad length for an oldie I might say, although very blonde, so I thought a bit of ‘trimming up’ would be nice for a change. All went well until I tried to get into the corner of my eye where the top lashes meet the bottom. What did I do? I stuck the wand into my eye with me having a few choice words with myself at the same time.

So I pulled a piece of toilet paper off and stuck that into my eye. I had even got it on my eyeball, which is no easy to do thing unless you are called Chrissie, but I managed it, dope that I am. Not to be content with that, I wiped the mascara off the outside of my eye before having to poke it actually into my eye, and managed to drag the mascara down my face as I rubbed!

It’s a wonder that the rest of the household didn’t come running to see what I was ranting about as I chuntered away to myself. That wasn’t enough though, oh no, because as I was wielding my wand about in the air, I then managed to wipe the wand all down my (blonde) hair. Now there’s not many people who are as skilful as me and manage to make such a right blooming mess in a minute or two, so I shall call myself a genius in how not to put mascara on. I’m not put off though, I shall be having a try again, in the hope that I get it where it should be and not all over my face and hair!

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