The Sun's Shining on Blackpool

The Sun's Shining on Blackpool

It was my lovely daughter’s birthday on Thursday and a nice day weather wise, although quite cool with the in the shade with the breeze. As the sun’s shining on Blackpool that’s where she decided she wanted to go for her special day.

We had a hectic morning rushing round like I don’t know what, along with a friend who came to say happy birthday, so it was action stations at lunch time to get done and go out.

This was Jane’s request of where to go on her birthday. I knew without asking what she would say because it is a tradition of hers to go to Blackpool, coming from when we lived in Yorkshire. Obviously before we got our present house, it was a long drive here and the same back for our day out at the seaside. But it’s what she wanted to do, so off we went, dogs and all.

Blackpool in the Sunshine

I was surprised by the cool wind that was blowing, it was a good job that the sun was shining I thought! We had a good afternoon in the town and were pleased to see two of the BID wardens on the beat in the town centre at the front of M&S.

Even more pleased to see a lot of difference there too. There were no beggars, dope heads, drunks or squatting in doorways. ‘All in all’, I thought, ‘the sun’s shining on Blackpool’ and it looked a whole lot more happy with itself.

The Sun's Shining on Blackpool
The Sun's Shining on Blackpool
The Sun's Shining on Blackpool
The Sun's Shining on Blackpool
The Sun's Shining on Blackpool

I tell a lie, we did see one, what looked like a homeless man, busy foraging in one of the huge skips that shops have, I would assume looking for food. I must say I did feel sorry that anyone should have to do that in this day and age. He was so busy that he never even noticed us.

We had originally intended going into the Winter Gardens to use the toilets, but there was a sign saying that the back door was closed. As a result we went through the alley to cut the corner off which is when we saw the poor chap.

Graduation Day

Eventually we got to the Winter Gardens having waded through a crowd of people in their Sunday best, along with varying ages of people in cap and gown, when we realised that it was Blackpool and the Fylde College Graduation Day. I’d like to say we went into the building, but oh no we didn’t, as the panto saying goes, as we were stopped by two trying to look official who turned us back saying that we weren’t allowed in. Now as I was plaiting my legs I wasn’t amused, and with toilets being few and far between in Blackpool, I felt annoyed that once again the whole of the Winter Gardens building was closed because of an event.

It’s not the first time this has happened to us, and why the whole place has to be closed for some groups who are holding a conference or whatever is beyond me. I suppose there is a very good reason for this but I won’t be the only one who wanted to go in the place, for whatever reason.

Anyway, we turned round and went to M&S to find their toilet, thank goodness. It’s time all towns had more toilet facilities never mind shutting them down don’t you think. After all, there will always be a need for using them, unless you all know something I don’t!

Clean your Act up Danfo!

By the way, while I’m on the subject, I went to the toilet in the bus station at Cleveleys recently and to say you have to pay 20p for the pleasure, the room nearly made me gag. The smell of urine has got to the worst I’ve smelt in a Danfo toilet. A lot of them do smell, shall we say, as though a million cats and dogs had relieved their bladders, but this was something else.

Looking at the state of the place, I would hazard a guess that it hadn’t been cleaned for quite a long time. Again I will say, that men, some of whose habits and their aim leave a lot to be desired, should have separate toilets and then they can miss the target to their heart’s content. There that’s my gripe out of the way for today.

The Sun’s Shining on Blackpool

Anyway, back to Blackpool. We had a good afternoon out, and with an ice cream from the café on the M&S side at the top of the road on the left hand side, sorry can’t remember the name, we were set up for an hour. The café (Jane: it’s called The Hive) looks very nice and the ice cream was delightful although a bit pricey for me at £1.85 for a single cornet don’t you think! (Jane: what’s she like!)

Eventually it became time to go home and were we ready. Jane and I were aching in every inch of our bodies and with me limping from bench to bench I enjoyed the drive home because I was sitting down!

When we got back at 6.15, we had tea followed by another of Jane’s traditions. She always has a chocolate cake and this time we had some cream to help it slide down. It was very nice thank you. All in all it was a lovely day, in spite of the fact that it was so hectic that I completely forgot to put it on Facebook until later on that day, so a million birthday wishes for Thursday for the best daughter anyone could ever imagine.

Support the Town Centre

We’re not deluded but we are realistic. We know that Blackpool town centre has got exactly the same problems as every other big city centre. It’s not the place, it’s society and how people’s attitudes (and habits) are changing. There are more convenient places and ways to do your shopping.

So after we’d been out for the day, Jane wrote this on the Live Blackpool Facebook page:

I was in Blackpool on Thursday afternoon. It was my birthday so I gave myself the afternoon off. Now shopping in Blackpool might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but it is mine (and being a loyal kind of poppet I like to practise what I preach).

We had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine. The roadworks weren’t a problem and we sailed into the Houndshill car park. I had a delicious ice cream from Hive, the new independent cafe that’s opened in the former tatty bodycare shop opp M&S. The people with undesirable habits that have been frequenting the town of late had moved onto pastures new, and the BID town centre wardens were very visible and keeping an eye out. It was also B&FC Graduation Day so there were happy faces all around the Winter Gardens.

It was quite busy in the town, and the prom was bustling with the set-up for the Back to the Old Pool Festival this weekend while the Heritage Trams were trundling up and down.

All in Blackpool looked a lot more cheerful with itself, we did our bit by spending a fair amount of money and went home smiling to chocolate cake.

There’s a lot of good work being done in our town, so PLEASE do your bit to help to improve things. Deserting the shops and spending your cash in other places is not going to help. Local people of the Fylde Coast – Blackpool NEEDS YOU!

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