The B Word

The B Word

I normally run a mile from discussing politics of any kind or nature but today I’m going to mention The B Word. The same goes for religion as I think these two categories alone are a good recipe for falling out with whoever you are speaking to. They do seem to cause such an upset if someone doesn’t think the same way that you do and are prepared to argue the cause.

But today I’m breaking my own Golden rule and am going to mention The B Word. Yes, that dirty B word, Brexit.

Simply because I would imagine I’m not on my own with my own views, and the feeling that I’m sick and tired of the lot of them (politicians). They are like kids, squabbling in a playground, and like I said, I don’t do politics.

A Light Hearted Look at The B Word

I’m just writing a bit of a light hearted look at the subject. Of course we’ve been discussing the goings on between the lot of them. Jane and I and some friends have decided that we would make a better job of running the country. We’d would cut out all the rubbish that’s going on and just use a lot of common sense.

Then we asked in Sainsbury’s whether they were ready for the impact of The B Word, and had a really good giggle at the answer.

We were chatting to one of the checkout women who we know pretty well while we were paying (that applies to most of them I suppose). When Jane asked her the question ‘are you ready for Brexit’ that’s as a supermarket, not personally!

Well we were so surprised by her answer that we couldn’t help but keep laughing our heads off much to the amusement of people in the queue! Her answer was that Sainsbury’s are ready but she’s not so sure about the customers.

Bizarre Ways that Customers are getting ready for the B Word

Apparently a lot of customers are doing their best to be ready by filling their trollies with loads of extra, random things. For example, apparently it seems that people are buying stacks of single bars of soap. Now I don’t know what you think, but isn’t that a bit odd of a thing to buy?

To start with, why not buy multi packs, which are a bit cheaper and easier to pile up, but no, it’s the single bars. People out there must be obsessed with cleanliness that’s all I can think.  I could think of a lot more things that I would stockpile and it wouldn’t be a bar of soap, much as I love to feel clean. (And is there a particular brand that they’re going for? Wrights Coal Tar maybe?)


Another popular buy are boxes of tissues, yes tissues. I can only think that they are resorting to what happened in the strikes in the seventies when supplies were blocked from getting to supermarkets and toilet roll was something that disappeared like magic. As a result, people started bulk buying tissues ‘just in case’.  I could just picture people with a trolley full of bars of soap and others full of boxes of tissues and nothing else.

Well Prepared

But the one that took the biscuit and really made us laugh was when an elderly gentleman had been in and bought 29 packs of 9 pack toilet rolls. I ask you, he’s either got very loose bowels or he just likes looking at them. What puzzles me is how did he manage to get 29 multipacks of toilet rolls to the till. The mind boggles at the thought of an elderly man with a mountain of toilet rolls piled up on one trolley. Now that I would have liked to see.

We did wonder afterwards why we’d not asked how many trolleys he needed and who pushed them, but we didn’t and now my curiosity is killing me. I think I might have to enquire next week.

It seems that some of the cashout women wanted to know what he was doing with them, and where he was storing them but none of them dare ask, except our particular checkout woman.

She’d started by enquiring he he had a hotel, to which the answer was no, I’m getting ready for Brexit. Then she asked him if he had a cellar to store them in, which seemed perfectly logical don’t you think. The answer was no, they were going into his front room. Handy if you get caught short then!

Can you imagine all that many rolls piled around in your living room? I can, it would take me approximately two minutes before I started screaming the house down and telling them to move them or else!

Panic when you need to!

We did confess to her that toilet rolls was the one thing that we’d said we musn’t run out of. But we’ve got one spare packet of 9, not 27! It seems that people are panic buying already, which I can understand to some extent. Personally I’ll take it as it comes and have a panic when my cupboards are empty.

Being as my lot say that we could survive a nuclear war, with all the spare things we have squirreled away, I’m not going to worry too much. It just sets other people off panic buying which forces others to have to buy things that seem in short supply. A catch 22 situation if ever there was one.

And if all else fails…

As for toilet rolls, us oldies that are used to making do could always cut the TV Times up or such like and stick them on a hook in the toilet. That’s what I and a lot of others remember doing before the advent of the dreaded Izal toilet roll, which slid on your bottom if you know what I mean. Today’s young people would be in horror at the thought of that, but toilet rolls weren’t invented then, so you had to improvise.

And we used the Radio Times, as ITV and all the rest of the channels didn’t exist. We thought nothing of it as that was what it was, so I don’t think a lot of us oldies will panic, I hope, as we are made of tougher stuff. I for one am not stockpiling any more stacks of things than we usually keep in the house, so maybe I will be caught with my pants down, if you know what I mean!

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