Tesco, Flat Carrots and Sell by Dates

Tesco, Flat Carrots and Sell by Dates

Today’s blog is a mixed bag, all about shopping. ‘Tesco, Flat Carrots and Sell by Dates’ is a bit of a strange title, that goes from what’s happening this week to the good old days when I was young.

Tesco, flat carrots and sell by dates

Starting with our local supermarket. There have been all sorts of rumours going around Cleveleys about the closure of Tesco. First it was B&M buying it, no they’re not as Jane emailed them and got confirmation that they’re not. Then we heard Home Bargains were extending, then it was going to be three units. A member of staff has now confirmed that they are definitely closing on Saturday 4th November.

Jane has been ringing all sorts of people to find out what is happening. Other than confirming that the shop is definitely closing and the letting agents are ‘in discussion’ with another party, nobody seems to know, or be prepared to say if anyone has taken on the lease. A surprise may be in store for us, who knows, let’s hope it’s not a nasty one don’t you think.

I so feel for the staff who, through no fault of their own, are having to face Christmas coming and their jobs gone. What a position to be in, I just hope they can soon be placed somewhere else or manage to get another job. What a to do. The shop will be missed, that’s one thing that’s coming over loud and clear, with us locals not wanting a closure. But who are we!

Food, glorious food

Did you know, yesterday morning, I was getting the dinner ready and as I went to pick up some carrots I noticed that one was oblong shaped. In all my tender years, I have never seen a flat carrot, I don’t know about you. It was like a long rectangle, tapering to a normal round shape at the end, but the rest was flat. It looked most peculiar when I cut it up as we are all used to seeing round carrots but mine was flat. Hubby thinks it was squashed between two rocks when it was growing which flattened it. I’m not sure about that as I would have thought that commercial carrot growers would have rock free soil, maybe I’m wrong!

I did wonder why I hadn’t taken a picture of it to show you, but I think my mind was occupied with wondering what the EU lawmakers would have said to my flat carrot. I bet they would have sent the carrot police out to condemn it, as it was the wrong shape!

Sell by, Use by, Best before

Talking of carrots and veg, don’t you think that all these sell by dates that we have now on food can sometimes go over the top.

For example, a bag of potatoes or carrots with a short sell by date when they will ‘live’ a lot longer than that. I certainly don’t get rid of my stuff like that if it’s not in the sell by date.

‘Use by’ dates are for perishable foods, which should be used by that date, or they might go off.

‘Best before’ dates are for you to use it by that date, but it is OK afterwards if you want it. It’s just at your own discretion, it won’t poison you it’s just that the taste might deteriorate a bit.

Myself, I use things that aren’t quite ‘in date’ rather than throw them away. A lot of common sense needs applying, because if you had out of date chicken, meat, fish etc, then I wouldn’t, whereas even some fresh food I would eat a day or two out of date, and I’ve not been poisoned yet!

Does it look OK?

I think of when I was young and sell by dates hadn’t been heard of. You certainly wouldn’t have dreamed of getting rid of food unless it ‘high’ or rotten, if you know what I mean.

Nobody had a fridge in my youth, instead we had a meat safe. It was a square box with open mesh on the front to keep the flies out!

Tesco, Flat Carrots and Sell by Dates
Meat safe, photo from eBay

Milk was always warm and today I couldn’t bear the thought of warm milk, but we didn’t know any other so we drank it.

Nothing had a date on it showing when it should be used by so if it was OK it got eaten, whatever age it was and again, none of us ever had food poisoning. By the way, I forgot to say that ‘Sell by’ dates are for the shops who are selling the food, not to be used by us the general public, which I think is interesting.

The good old days

I don’t know, it seems that when we buy food now we can all be seen squinting at the small dates of when the food has to be eaten or used by. Then most of us are diving to the back of the shelf for the newest date, well I do anyway, and then buying it if it is a better date. After all, who wants older stock, not me I’m afraid.

We didn’t have supermarkets back in the good old days so my mum used to have to go to the shops every day to buy whatever we were having that day. With nowhere to keep food cold it was a better idea to shop daily, don’t you think.

I remember when we got my mum to have her first fridge, which she strongly resisted (she didn’t like change at all). Once she got used to it she loved it.

It’s strange to think that new generations haven’t a clue about being without all the appliances that we so take for granted and we must sound as though we’ve come from Victorian days with all the workhouses! Well a slight bit of exaggeration, but it must be odd to think of not having washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges, dishwashers and all the many things that we so take for granted. It intrigues me to know what will have changed in another 50 years or more, but I won’t be here to find out. What a shame!

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