Tesco are Pulling out of Cleveleys

Tesco are Pulling out of Cleveleys

So it’s true then, after a lot of rumours going around, that Tesco are pulling out of Cleveleys. I was hoping it was a rumour as I, like lots of people, find the shop very useful especially as it’s in the town centre. And what a big place it will be to fill.

They are going to close later this year, apparently by the end of September. The staff have been told and it’s official so now we all know it is true and not fiction.

Tesco are pulling out of Cleveleys because of the rent

The shop has been here since the early 70’s and there’s been a running negotiation about the rent between the landlords and the shop chain which has come to a head as both parties can’t agree. Some say that the landlord wanted to put the rent up, others that Tesco had asked for a rent decrease. Until someone gives an official statement we won’t know which is true.

Nobody seems to know yet what will happen to the staff, whether they will be sent to other stores or lose their jobs and what a worrying time that must be for them. Our sources told us that the staff will soon be having one-to-ones with the management to sort that out. Meanwhile, we are going to have one of the biggest shops in Cleveleys standing empty. Although I did read on Facebook yesterday that the rumour mill reckons that another tenant is already lined up.

Morgan Martin, the company handling the lease wouldn’t comment for the article in the Gazette, I bet they wouldn’t. For the life in me I can’t understand what landlords are playing at. They could have that property on their hands for goodness knows how long and no income coming in, but they want to stick Tesco out while having no income from the property.

Tesco are pulling out of Cleveleys and it’s a blow for the town centre

It seems daft to me, but then, I’m just an oldie aren’t I! As you will all know, Jane is Chair for the Coastal Community Team who are trying to make Cleveleys town centre a better place. She’s been very vocal about the worry of the town slowly getting worse when it comes to businesses leaving, and that’s just an example of what can happen when you don’t expect it.

Cleveleys town centre is vibrant, let’s keep it that way

It’s no good resting on your laurels and thinking it won’t happen because it can. As you know, I saw the town where I lived go from a vibrant shopping street to practically deserted and I would never have thought that could happen in a month of Sundays. But it did, and for that reason all businesses can’t, and shouldn’t, be complacent.

The thing that makes me wonder also is that if a giant company like Tesco aren’t prepared to pay extortionate rents, who are they going to get to fill such a lot of space when Tesco won’t pay it, or are they going to reduce the rent when they’ve gone. Goodness knows because I don’t I’m sure! I for one am sad that such a big household name as Tesco are pulling out of Cleveleys and leaving us, so we’ll just have to see what the future holds for us won’t we.

Potty Time

Now onto more light hearted matters where I carry on from my last blog and talking about Jane and her marbles. I really am beginning to think that we have all got a virus or something that is driving us all potty, because the amount of stupid things that have been going on here is beyond belief.

For example, Jane told us that she had been dreaming that she’d been reading an email from an art supplies company that we like. OK, not unusual, but she woke herself up scratching her forearm as she was moving the roller on her mouse to read it in her dream, and then wondered what on earth she was doing!

Not content with that, she again woke up later and said to herself in an apparently stern voice ‘who on earth is pile driving at this time of night’. Then she realised the noise was her clock ticking in her bathroom! After realising she was a chump she went back to sleep and carried on dreaming. When she did get up for her breakfast, she merrily went to put her cereal box in the fridge before she realised that’s not what you do with cereal at all, and hastily put it where it should go!

All this was accompanied with peals of laughter from us as she was describing it fully with all the actions. I’m beginning to wonder if we need a holiday in a ‘funny farm’ but realised we already live in one so that wouldn’t work, would it. I keep putting things where they shouldn’t go along with Derek doing odd things. Of course Kevin is like that all the time anyway, but even he has got worse. I wonder if it can be catching!

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