Sunshine and Showers

Hello everyone, I’m back after a lovely week of doing as little as possible. We’ve had the week off work, doing just what we want in the sunshine and showers, and we loved it. We all said we could enjoy being retired, although I think a woman never retires as she’s the one who carries on ‘doing’!

Sunshine and Showers

Of course as usual it’s done a fair bit of raining, which it always seems to do when we are on holiday, but who cares, freedom! As the men weren’t bothered, Jane and I went off to Burnside Garden Centre one afternoon in the sunshine and had a good mouch round to see what was what. We went here and there the rest of the week, with Jane and I escaping again to Blackpool on Friday to take some things back that she had bought earlier on in the week.

Shopping in sunshine and showers

Of course, unknown to us, Debenhams had reduced a stack of stuff throughout the shop, so we were in our element. The men would have been bored silly as went round the shop and then back again to make sure we hadn’t missed anything, like women do! Some of the things were amazing, like jeans for just over £4 and tops, dresses at really good prices. You name it, they were practically giving away a lot of things, so being women, we had a good old fuddle. We bumped into some of our friends who also were tickled pink at all the bargains, so, happy shoppers all round.

Shop ’til you’re ready to drop!

I can tell you one thing, it doesn’t half make you sleep at night when you’re on the go more than usual. It’s better than any sleeping pill, not that I take any because I don’t, but you know what I mean! The only trouble was, Jane and I were just about staggering, even after umpteen sit downs. Just walking about was enough. I didn’t know where I ached most and I’m sure I’ve shrunk by another two inches!

It was nice to just saunter about and do nothing but the minimum, so now Jane and Kevin are plotting to see how soon they can retire! I do wonder what would happen if they stopped publishing Visit Fylde Coast though. We have so many readers and people are so used to finding out what they want to know that I think there’d be an outcry.

Then the ‘Showers’ Came

Hasn’t the weather been a corker this weekend. What with the wind and torrential rain on Saturday, it felt like we were sitting inside in Winter, with the wind howling and all the rain which was coming down in what seemed like thick sheets.

Showers - or thick heavy lashing rain!
Showers – or thick heavy lashing rain!

Dopey Kevin, for some reason, decided to cut the grass in spite of Derek saying that it was going to carry on raining. Undaunted, he got the lawn mower out, that was the first we knew of his daft idea. Then he’d cut two stripes in the grass and it started raining just like we said it would! Hopefully optimistic, he sheltered under the overhang on our front door until he realised that it was a daft idea and packed in. He did say that he was just about dropping asleep as he sat on the step waiting for a break in the rain.

Rain stop Play

But it wasn’t to be, so in he came and asked me how I’d like the next batch of stripes on the lawn – diagonal or straight up and down. I looked at him wondering what he was wittering on about until Jane explained that at this rate he would be doing two stripes a day because of the weather! We did ask if he was insane or something, trying to cut the grass in all that wind and rain.

The weather played havoc with summer events up and down the country too. The air show was cancelled on Saturday because of the weather and the wind, disappointing an awful lot of people who were coming to specially to see the show. It went ahead on Sunday, but the wind was still strong so I would imagine it affected the programme. We only heard one plane and we can usually hear them quite well.

Meanwhile at Whaley Bridge…

As promised by the weathermen it’s cooler too, so back to Autumn/Summer for us although I am glad that we weren’t under the dam at Whaley Bridge. That must have been so awful for them. Imagine living near to the possibility of the dam bursting and taking their homes away with the speed of the water if it had given way. We really felt for the poor people who had to leave their homes, it must have been dreadful for them. I know how we would have felt especially wondering if everything you had loved and had worked hard for could be taken away with the dam bursting. You can’t buy memories and keepsakes and all the rest with insurance money.

I was surprised though when Derek showed us a picture of the weak section, to see that weeds and small trees were growing through the concrete on the dam. Surely that would tell someone that something was going badly wrong when that could happen.

We said that we wouldn’t have felt happy anyway, living in the shadow of the dam like they did. Call me a worrier but I don’t think I could have bought property in such a precarious position in the first place, but at least they are all back home and safe for the time being.

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