Sunday Soaking!

Sunday Soaking!

Here I am again, writing this on Sunday afternoon, watching all the heavy rain that’s come from nowhere. It was red hot in the morning and even when it went in it didn’t cool down. The prom is very busy as you would expect on a lovely day, but oh the poor people caught in that heavy downpour getting a Sunday soaking.

Sunday Soaking on the Promenade

We’ve seen people running back to their cars holding plastic bags on their heads as they obviously weren’t wearing coats in this warmth. People on the beach went running for cover and all the rest. Kevin went out after lunch to clean the pond filters, not Jane’s little pond, the big pond, which isn’t done in five minutes. Being of an inventive nature, he’s concocted a sort of Mousetrap affair, where this joins that and the other and makes cleaning it easier. It’s a bit of a mucky job as there are big brushes, a bit like bottle brushes only massive, that get full of sludgy stuff filtered from the pond.

There’s a vortex system which swirls round like a whirlpool to take the muck out of the pond, through the filters and different chambers to make it the clear water that we know is good for the fish. He gets a hefty spray going on the brushes to blast the muck out of the bristles. Most of the muck comes from the fish being very hungry and feeding and therefore producing poo. It seems funny to think of fish pooing in the true sense of the word, but they obviously have to, or else!

The sludgy stuff can poison the fish with different toxins that are released from the poo if it’s left. We also have to test the quality of the water regularly and the oxygen levels. It’s the water being ‘off’ and not knowing about it that kills your fish. I’ve always thought it seemed strange that fish are underwater but need plenty of oxygen like we do, or they can die. It seems really odd, but makes sense if you know what I mean.

Sunday Soaking in the Garden…

Now you’ve had a lesson in ponds thrust upon you, which I didn’t intend to do, so sorry for that! As I said before, Kevin went out to try and get the job done as rain was forecast. I said to Jane that I hoped he had the sense to come inside while it was raining.

But I had a look outside and lo and behold, there he was sodenned through to the skin, busy with his brushes! I bet he was enjoying his own Sunday soaking, as he keeps complaining about the heat. After all, he could always jump in the pond and swim with the fish!

It wouldn’t be the first time he’s been in the pond, as he had to one Winter in a severe frost. He went out to check the fish and found that the lid on the outlet pipe at the very bottom of the pond had come off. He was worried about fish being sucked out into the main filter which is outside the pond. Obviously any that went down the pipe would die. So he decided that he would have to get into the pond to put the top back on the filter, right at the bottom of the pond.

A Soaking on a Very Cold Day

Now bear in mind that it was very cold, but the poor lad went in up to his chest in the freezing water. The fish were swimming about round him wondering what that strange fish-cum-shark was doing in their territory. He then had to bend down into the dark, freezing water to be able to put the lid back on the filter which sucks the dirty water out through it to keep the fish healthy.

When he finally came up for air and got out, he was a block of shivering, quivering ice. The poor lad, he was absolutely frozen. I can’t quite remember how he got upstairs to the shower for a nice hot blast without wetting the whole house through. Since then, he has found an easier way to get it back on if it ever comes off again. Without nearly giving him pneumonia that is, so all was well that ends well.

Or Just Fall In!

When we lived in Yorkshire we had a large pond. Good old Jane managed to fall into it, fully clothed, wellies and all. As we all know, she is a bit of a clumsy clot, well a lot of one, so we weren’t surprised at all. But she had her old heavy wax gardening coat on as well which didn’t help. At least she fell into the shallow end not the deep end, or she would have looked like she was there for some kind of baptism.

We couldn’t do anything but laugh at her, especially as she was doing the same, standing there, sodden wet through with her arms stuck out at her sides, laughing her head off. That’s my daughter for you. She managed to get away with it sort of up to her waist, but oh what a soggy mess she was. The poor fish looked traumatised at whatever had landed in the middle of them. But even though it was also in winter, at least it wasn’t as freezing as when Kevin had to go deep sea diving!

PS. We’re having some time off work this week (which is probably why it’s started raining). So don’t wonder where I am. As Arnie said “I’ll be back”!

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