Summer's Here at Last

Summer's Here at Last

Summer’s here at last with some blue skies and lovely sunshine. Anybody would think we were at the seaside going by the number of cars parked on our prom on Wednesday. People were strolling about enjoying the day, eating ice creams and dawdling about like you do. Ah well, at least I can see it all happening if I’m not out in it!

Summers Here at St Annes

Jane went out at 9am on Wednesday to St. Anne’s. First stop in the morning was at Links View, a ‘mature living’ complex. I did wonder if she was looking it over for me and her dad, but as they are a client of ours, I hope she was there for that reason only! I’ve not been, but it does sound lovely, private apartments with people on hand to look after you. I couldn’t think of anything more awful than winding up in a care home, so it would be perfect for me.

Links View, looking over St Annes Golf Course
Links View, looking over St Annes Golf Course

I did have a phone call from her half way through the afternoon so I knew she was alive and kicking!! Apparently, she’d one of the nicest lunches she’s ever had with beautiful sandwiches, quiche, cakes you name it, so that was good as she would probably have keeled over if they hadn’t fed her. She has to eat on time at every meal or else! She goes on her back with her feet up in the air! They’d have been taking her in to stay if she’d done that, never mind the elderly parents!

Trip to the seaside

When she’d finished there she went to St. Anne’s seafront to do some photography, and what a nice day for it.

St Annes Beach and Pier
St Annes Beach and Pier

I did ask if she was going to stray into the shops and do a little bit of seeing what-was-what, if you get my drift. To which she said that she ‘hadn’t thought about it but now you come to mention it, I might just have a stroll on the High Street’.

St Annes town centre
St Annes town centre

I quickly jumped in and asked her to get me some dog chews from B&M while she was there. So of course because I wanted something, she just had to go to the shops. Well that’s a woman’s logic anyway! Judging by the photos she brought back when she strolled in at 1/4 to 5, it looked like she’d had a nice afternoon at the seaside in St Annes!

Summers Here in Cleveleys

Kevin also had an hour playing out in the sun on Wednesday with the two brilliant men who are looking after our groups planter at the top of Thornton Gate. It was made to slow the cars down a bit on the curve, and the Rossall Beach Group have always looked after it. We planted it up and maintain it.

Half of them had no idea what they were doing, but we used to have quite a laugh there with our group. We had some really good laughs and fun, but sadly, it seems that our original group his somewhat drifting away, due to two deaths, illnesses and just getting old.

Jane and I carried on weeding and doing jobs on it but it got a bit much in the end, so to have someone help with it is great. It’s so sad to see the old group of lovely, close friends leave us, they are sorely missed that I do know. But it’s lovely that new people are coming along and joining in where they left off. After all, none of us knew each other in the beginning – that’s how you make friends isn’t it.

Straightening up the sign

So back to the planter. We’d had a sign made for the front of it to tell people who had done it, why and when. As it’s been there for a long time, it had worked its way loose so the good Samaritans (Brent and Martin) rang for Kevin to get some help with it.

Planter at Rossall Beach
Planter at Rossall Beach

Off he went with his trolley, carrying all his drills and goodness knows what, just to fix the sign back on properly. After half an hour had passed I did think that a few screws wouldn’t take that long to due surely. But I forgot that our Kevin reinvents the wheel regularly, so I did wonder what he was doing now.

Eye spy…

After an hour my curiosity was killing me, so I got the binoculars out to see what they were doing. One of our members was there having a good old natter along with a neighbour who’d brought cans of pop out for the workers. Wasn’t that nice of her. I could see Kevin crouching on the floor and goodness knows what he was doing, so I left him to it and wondered if he would make it back for his lunch. There I was cooking a meal and as usual, there was no sign of Kevin. I just had to put his food out for him to warm up in the microwave!

When he finally turned up, after goodness knows how long, I asked him what the problem was. Apparently, the concrete was so hard it wasn’t going to be drilled by any old drill, which was what had stopped Brent and Martin from doing the job. Their drill wasn’t powerful enough. Kevin took along his heavy duty drill to do the deed but why it took so long is still a mystery to me, I wouldn’t mind betting that he did a bit of nattering while he was there! Anyway, that was his good deed done for the day so he found his way home for his food, he wouldn’t miss that, that’s for sure!

Can we ask a favour please?

I won’t pretend to understand what goes into publishing Visit Fylde Coast. I hear a lot of twaddle from my lot about search engine optimisation and what they do to edit, update and publish the many, many thousands of pages that we’ve now got online. I do know that an absolute boatload of hard work, blood, sweat and tears has gone into it, over nearly 10 years.

So you can imagine how we felt when someone decided to write a one star review on Google. If you’ve got a second can we ask you to please do your own review? Write something if you wish or just leave a star rating, just leave your own opinion of the work that we do. All you have to do is go to Google and search Visit Fylde Coast and we’ll come up as ‘Visit Fylde Coast websites published by the Rabbit Patch’. You’ll see where to leave your review.

Thank you in anticipation x

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