Summer and Winter in a Week

Summer and Winter in a Week

We’re never satisfied are we. On Thursday everyone was going on about the heat, now it’s gone really cool (normal I suppose). It’s like having summer and winter in a week.

I keep telling myself not to keep drivelling on about the weather, but it was so hot in the week, wasn’t it. Our washing went out at 8.30am on Thursday and back in, bone dry, not much more than an hour later.

Even when the sun went in for a little while the air was still boiling. Families, grandparents and Uncle Tom Cobley have been enjoying our beach this last few days. I bet grandparents are saying thank goodness, we can entertain the kids on the beach, I know I would. The gardens were parched and by Thursday evening we were all melting. Thursday of course being the hottest day on record.

Summer’s a Time for Ice Cream!

On Wednesday, our group of friends decided to have a treat and meet in Cleveleys for a lovely ice cream, well any excuse to get together!

Ice cream with friends

Kevin dropped Jane and I off at the corner near the Plaza where we congregated to have our ice cream. When we all had arrived, we all trooped into the shop for our double scoop of lovely ice cream. When it was my turn to be served, I was leering into the freezer looking at all the lovely flavours in front of me so when I asked for a banana, the man serving me vanished for a minute and came back with a banana in his hand. ‘Well you said you wanted a banana didn’t you’, so there was me red faced in front of everyone. Although he didn’t fetch me a packet of toffees when I said I wanted toffee ice cream, which I pointed out to him!

Cornet or tub?

He got so carried away with my banana that he didn’t ask if I wanted a cornet or tub, so mine came in a tub. It was just as well for me because I bet all my money it would have melted in a cornet and run all over me! I would have ended up looking as though I was in my dotage with ice cream smeared on my face and dribbling down my chin. I’m well known for spills, although Kevin isn’t far behind me on that one!

Eventually, we finished eating and did what we do best and start talking. As usual we had lots of laughs and made our usual noise so after about half an hour we decided we should disband and leave the place in peace.

Get off the Plants!

The thieves have been at it again, pinching plants from the tubs on the Plaza. With this knowledge, we went across with our friends Brenda and Keith to see what they looked like with their empty spaces. The tubs had originally been chock-a-block with flowers and there were now gaps where the plants had been dug up. It was obvious that someone knew exactly what they wanted as the holes were in random places. I’m sure that kids would have had their fun and pulled them up and thrown them on the floor.

Plants missing from the pots in Cleveleys
Plants missing from the pots in Cleveleys

Plants missing from the pots in Cleveleys

Instead this looks like a planned operation as about five plants had been taken and some had gone from the day before. They would have had to have been prepared to take soil covered dirty rooted plants away with them in bags, because unless you are a genius, how would you manage to take five large sized dirty plants away with you, without leaving a mess and a trail of soil and leaves.

Hard work and effort

The people who have looked after the tubs in Cleveleys have flogged themselves keeping our town looking nice. It’s been hard work and commitment from a small group of volunteers who believe in this town and want to keep it vibrant and busy. So to keep coming and finding plants have been taken isn’t funny to say the least.

Not long ago, a very large plant was taken and later reported to have been found, planted in a ladies garden. The woman was sure it was our plant and also, the man wasn’t known to her personally, just someone who was doing odd jobs. The police have been informed about all this and of course it’s low on their list of priorities. But if people don’t report small incidents (or larger ones) the police assume that there is no trouble in this area. Then it’s classed as a low crime rate and we get even less of a police presence. So get reporting all the small crimes, all you good people out there. That’s not just my advice, it’s exactly what the police told the community PACT meeting on Wednesday night.

Then we had a stroll round the market where Jane bought a lovely scarf. It was nice to see that a lot of people were still browsing, even though it was getting late in the day. Let’s hope that more stall holders come and make it a good sized market in time, which can only be good for the town!

Then Winter arrived…

Just when we were all getting to the point of passing out with the heat, and the plants dying, the rain came. And when it rains it rains. You can only be glad you weren’t caught on the beach like these poor people were!

Rain on the beach

By Saturday afternoon we were in our favourite weekend winter occupation of sat on the settee, watching the TV. And would you believe, by then we were also complaining that it was getting cool! Some people are just never satisfied are they!!

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