Standing In

Standing In

Hello, this is Jane, I’m standing in for Chrissie this morning, while she’s computer-less!

Standing In

Last Sunday, I was doing the ironing, while Chrissie was sat in front of me on the sofa, trying to type her blog. Her computer’s been a bit temperamental for a while now, and I’ve kept saying it was time for a new one.

Anyway, Facebook wouldn’t move, it was just stuck, so I had a fiddle with it and nothing much happened. I’d gone back to my iron and pouff, the screen went black.

We thought it was doing a restart, but it seemed not. We pressed a few buttons, then sent for Kevin. He had a fiddle, took the battery out, tried the plug etc, and pronounced it dead.

So that was the end of that.

What Happens Next

I’ll let Chrissie tell you the rest of the tale. Suffice to say there’s a new one on the way. She’s mentioned her absence on Facebook, but I thought I’d drop by and mention where she’s been, in case any of you don’t use Facebook.

To be continued…

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