Spiders and Two Legged Animals

Spiders and Two Legged Animals

Today’s blog is about my favourite subject, well one of them. It’s spiders and two legged animals of the human variety. But to start with, have you all survived the wind in one piece?

The wind has descended upon us here on the seafront. We were told it was going to be Monday night into Tuesday but it’s not been too bad. After a fairly mild wind yesterday morning it started to get blustery and wilder. With the whole upstairs creaking I’ll be glad when it drops, although when that will be I don’t know. Once again, we can’t see through the windows because of blowing sand. When I went onto the front the sand was blowing into my face like sharp needles and a workman who was nearby told me he was bringing his goggles if this was carrying on. I didn’t like to burst his bubble and tell him it wasn’t anything like what was forecast, or he might not have bothered coming back. He’s not at my house by the way but he was just commenting to me how awful it was.

Spiders and two legged animals

So onto today’s blog and one of my favourite pet hates, yes it’s spiders today.

I was sat in bed reading a magazine, enjoying being tucked up in my nice warm bed. Eventually I put the magazine and my glasses down to watch TV and there it was, the biggest black spider I’ve ever seen, staring at me, literally inches from my face! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but I can assure you there is nothing wrong with my reactions as I screamed out ‘oh ……’ I won’t tell you what I said with the shock and fear, but you just have to don’t you when you get a shock! I joke not it was bigger than a fifty pence piece. It was very thickset and heavy looking and coal black. I did think for a quick moment that it was a plastic one that my lot had put on the bed to scare me silly but no, it was real alright! It won’t be the first time that I’ve had jokes played on me but this time it wasn’t false!

As quick as lightning, I threw the duvet on top of it in the hope that it wouldn’t scuttle off somewhere into the dark ready to get me when I was asleep. I don’t know what it was thinking of doing when it was sitting there staring at me, but I wasn’t going to be its victim. I still think it was just like a black plastic one as it was so heavy looking, but I wasn’t going to touch it to find out. I jumped out of bed and yelled for all I was worth for Derek, who was watching TV, to come and rescue me. Of course as usual, he thought it was highly funny, but he did come to rescue me, armed with a glass jar as I had told him it was big. He threw the duvet cover back after trying to decide just where it was and suddenly it was there. I didn’t know he could move that quick as he is well known in our house for his slow reactions, but he did this time. He got the jar over the top of it, caught it and then admitted it was a ‘whopper’. He took it upstairs and let it out on the balcony, yuk, leaving me wondering how it had got into the bedroom and if there were any more lurking!

Two legged animals

Going from insects to two legged variety of animals, namely Kevin, who had lost his phone, again! He suddenly appeared, then I heard Jane say ‘oh you ought to have’, so I knew something was underway. What I didn’t know, but I knew I would soon find out. It seemed that he’d been searching all over the house and car with no success and yes, he was ringing his mobile every two minutes.

Spiders and two legged animals
Kevin going round in circles, looking for his phone!

As soon as I knew, I told him to ring Manor Beach school where he’d been working the afternoon before. He sort of looked cynically at me as if to say ‘it won’t be there’ but knowing Kevin as well as I do, I bet all my money it would be there. Half an hour later and very red in the face he came back into the kitchen, where I told him again and again to ring the school. Eventually he did but not until he’d searched every corner of the house.

He went to the office to ring them and when he eventually turned up after the school had said they would have a look and ring back, to confess it was there! I keep telling him he should listen to the voice of wisdom, and to  someone who is so like him that it’s untrue. I put my mind into what he would do, no voodoo or black magic, I just know how his mind works. I did tell him he should have listened to me and he would have avoided a half hour of panic, maybe he will next time as there will be a next time!

The school seemed to find it funny (I wonder why?) although Kevin did ask them if they’d kept it on purpose as ransom for the lanyard he’d not given in when he left!

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