A Sore Finger

A Sore Finger

We certainly had a funny morning on Tuesday. Well not funny ‘ha, ha’ more of a funny, strange morning, involving a friend and a very sore finger…

There I was still in bed at 8am, doing a crossword before dragging myself out of bed, when the doorbell rang. I cocked my ear to one side to see if I was right and it was the bell and I wasn’t imagining it. Thinking it would be a parcel being delivered as we’ve often had them before at that time, I yelled my head off to tell Derek who was in the living room to come downstairs and see who it was.

It’s our friend and he’s got a sore finger…

I never heard him clomping on the stairs so there I was, yelling my heart out like a demented duck, when himself came rushing into the bedroom telling me that a friend and neighbour had cut his finger badly. So to say he’d got a sore finger was an understatement! His face was a picture of flapping and panic as he doesn’t do well with emergencies bless him, he usually lets me do that, so there I was wondering what I was going to do as I was in my nightie with my hair resembling Worzel Gummidge.

‘Needs must Chrissie’ I thought to myself, ‘get yourself up and see what’s happened’. My first thought was that I’d better cover myself up before he died of shock at me in my nightie, so after realising that I hadn’t worn my dressing gown for ages and had put it away,  I grabbed a bed jacket and put that on.

I went into the kitchen and there our friend was, sitting on a chair in the middle of the kitchen floor, holding his index finger with his left hand while blood oozed out from it. Jane was already there looking as though she didn’t know what to do but the thing that made me laugh was Derek. The sight of him scrabbling through the drawer that holds dusters and micro fibre cloths with such a look of pure panic on his face made me feel like cracking out laughing, it was so funny.

Why do you need a duster for a sore finger?

I asked him what on earth he was looking for. He looked at me, still with a look of pure panic on his face, and told me he didn’t know, still red faced when I told him to come out of it then! I’m not sure if he was looking for the first aid kit or whether he was going to wave a duster in front of him to cool him down, but it amused me for the rest of the day.

He quickly moved out of the way as if to say ‘thank goodness somebody knows what to do’ and let me take over, as they usually do when there’s an emergency. Having had a quick look at the injury and seeing it was pretty deep, hampered by the fact that he’s on blood thinners which meant it could bleed for ever amen, I thought I’d better get some pressure on it mighty quickly.

My dear other half did manage to tell him to open his legs and let the blood drip on the tiled floor and not onto his trousers which I suppose was his contribution to the fun and games.

Between Jane and I we got on with putting a dressing on what must have been a mighty sore finger judging by the blood that was coming out of it. We bandaged him up ready for Kevin to take him to his doctors to see what was what.

There’s one thing I have discovered, never call on my better half if you are bleeding to death (of if you’ve just got a sore finger) as he’ll probably wave a duster at you!

Magical Mystery Tour

When Kevin got him to the doctors they didn’t have anyone there who could look at it so they sent him to the Walk in Centre at Fleetwood. They said that he should go for an X ray as it might be broken, and it was too deep for them to deal with, so he was told to take him to A&E. I don’t think our friend noticed that we all looked like we’d just got up and had tousled hair and pyjamas on, but when Kevin got back from A&E at lunchtime he did say he’d better have a wash!

In the end they did say at the Vic that the end of the fingertip was broken, but he came back with his wound dressed and strapped up as they don’t do anything for broken fingers.

By the way, he did it lowering a flag on the flagpole on the seafront, as it shot down suddenly and sliced into his finger.

The medical emergencies aren’t over yet…

The funny thing was, well again not funny ha ha (well it was a bit), but when they had gone, Jane went really faint and had to sit down. To strains of ‘I do feel awful mum, I feel so faint’ I got the Rescue Remedy out and had her laid out on the kitchen floor until she came round. Then she had a chocolate biscuit as she said she felt so hungry all of a sudden so she was soon back on the chair, coming round and order restored.

It was probably a case of running round, wanting something to eat and the surprise of having to sort a problem out that finished her off, poor thing. She did look very white under the sun tan!

Apparently Kevin and our friend had the A&E in an uproar between them as when they get together they are like two clowns, with lots of laughter. It seems that they entertained the nurses while they were there and I can believe that, knowing the pair of them.

At least all was well with him and having told Kevin that whoever had bandaged him up had done a really good job, I gave myself a pat on the back, along with Jane who finished it off then cutting the end and tying a knot in it. All’s well that ends well, don’t you think!

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