So far so good for England!

So far so good for England!

So far so good for the England team, didn’t we do well to win the match on Tuesday night. Fingers crossed for the next game at the weekend. Do you think we’ll win?

I can’t watch it after about 10 minutes as I seem to turn into a football hooligan! The beauty of it is, I don’t even like football, but watch important games like the World Cup. I end up shouting my head off when they do stupid things, but wasn’t there some dirty work going on again. I saw one of the yellow shirts jump on one of our lads back and hook his arm round under his face. The hooligans are on the pitch not in the crowd!

So far so good for England, but what about us lot!

Anyway, back to our house and the knowledge that we are all going barmy here. I think the heat must be getting to us as we all keep coming out with the daftest comments, nothing unusual there you might say, but try these for an example –

Kevin had decided he wanted some crackers for his tea the other day with mackerel which he enjoys, along with sliced pickled onion on top. What a combination you might think, but then he has always mixed strange things together, so no surprise to his nearest and dearest. When I was trying to find out later exactly what everyone wanted, I said that Kevin was having kippers on crackers. I think the only thing that’s crackers is me! Imagine, kippers on crackers, but that’s not as daft as it sounds because with his strange taste buds he would probably enjoy it.

Not satisfied with a million other stupid things that I came out with, I then went on to take the ironing board into the toilet like you do, not, instead of the cupboard where it lives. Now you all know about my strange compulsion for toilets but that’s going a bit far, don’t you think.

On the subject of meals, I was trying to find out what they all wanted for a meal. I joke not, I must have tried about twenty times to get an answer out of them, while getting more and more annoyed, as they all kept changing the subject. Having said that it was a change from the usual wall of silence that I get! Then after my 20 times, Derek spotted the new bit of pipe being towed on the sea in the distance so we all trooped onto the balcony to see that coming. I never did get to find out what they wanted for tea, maybe I should go on strike until they do answer me, then they would get a shock!

Installation of pipe at Anchorsholme

Kevin decided he wanted to see how tall he was, so being the plumbers mate, I got roped in to hold the tape measure. He yelled out that he had lost an inch in height, so then he measured me to find out I was 4’11. Talk about the shrinking pound, I think I’ll believe the doctors height measurer which said I was five feet tall. I couldn’t resist dropping it in that what he had lost in height he had gained on his waist, although that didn’t go down too well, I wonder why!

Then in came Jane who had been to Cleveleys for something or the other. She did her usual ‘have you been good’ followed by ‘shut your eyes and hold your hands out’ which she always does if she has got me a surprise.

It was a small yellow box with, inside it, some super sour sweets. My family know that I love sour sweets, a throwback to when I was young and my dad once bought me some acid drops, ooh they were lovely and tart. Anyway, I opened the box and inside were just 4 sweets which looked like sherbet lemons. I put one in my mouth and started dancing all over the place as I’ve never tasted anything as sour in my whole life!

The most sour of sweets

They were falling about helplessly laughing at all the faces I pulled. I was contorted in agony and all they could do was laugh, I ask you.

I did get Jane to lick one and she pulled exactly the same face, with Kevin saying that we were making it up. Jane kept saying through her gritted teeth that I wasn’t kidding, they were too sour to know they were sour. I did ask her if she was trying to kill me off and that she should give them to people she didn’t like! I didn’t get an answer to being bumped off so I’d better watch my step, or else.

Are you Garry?

Talking of Jane, when we came back through the bus station on Sunday afternoon, two men were just starting to do some jet washing. Jane ran to them asking if Garry had sent them.

‘No they said’ with a daft look on their faces, ‘who is Garry?’ We were standing there feeling embarrassed as she bounded to them like an eager puppy.

After making sure they were jet washing, she told them that they were working for her team and that Garry must have sent them. Still looking as though they’d met the local lunatic, they had this great big daft smile on their faces as though their ship had come in, with this lovely woman chatting them up. Some chat up line, ‘are you Garry’ I ask you.

Now they were obviously going to do some jet washing there and then, and as Jane, through the Cleveleys Coastal Community team had organised for the bus station floor to be jet washed, she naturally assumed it was them.

‘Let me take your photo’ was the next thing she said, and so it went on. Jane was laughing all over her face and the men looked to be having a laugh as well, looking at the look on their faces. The look on their faces was priceless as they eventually told her they were working for B&M and jet washing the algae and salt stains off their bit of wall.

It’s just a good job she didn’t take their photo and put it straight on Facebook as she usually does or she would have looked a right wally don’t you think, but at least it gave us all a good laugh including the workmen. The day after Kevin was re-enacting all of this at lunch time with all of the puns and jokes thrown in and we were screaming with laughing at her.

Whatever will happen next in our mad house!

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