Smelly Bottoms and Derelict Shops

Smelly Bottoms and Derelict Shops

Unlikely title for a blog I know, but you’ll soon see why this one is called ‘smelly bottoms and derelict shops’.

My little Koko went to the vets yesterday afternoon for his six month check up to see if his heart condition has deteriorated any. He takes a stack of tablets every day to keep his heart stable and so far, they have been wonderful for him. Having had previous dogs with this horrible condition I know how awful it can be, so with newer drugs, I’m hoping he can carry on for a lot longer. I’ve got my fingers, legs and toes crossed that he will be OK.

Smelly Bottoms!

His brother is going with him to have his anal glands emptied. Dog owners will know they’re the glands on either side of the anus. Back when dogs had to hunt for food and ate bones the shards of bone would puncture the gland on their way out, greasing the bowel so it wasn’t punctured by the bones. I hope you are following this!

All my previous dogs have been from the spaniel family, who are prone to the glands filling up with the most vile smelling stuff you have ever smelt. If they aren’t emptied, they aggravate the dog and make him drag his bottom. The vets we use over here have been brilliant and we don’t get a smell from them when they come home. But in Yorkshire, they would stink the house down as the fluid was usually on their fur round their bottom, yuk!!!!!

Anyway, now that you’ve had a lesson in smelly bottoms, I will go on to talk about matters nearer to home.

Store Twenty One

At last, someone is doing something, or trying to get something done, about the Store Twenty One shop in Fleetwood. It’s been an eye sore for far too long and caused too much trouble for far too long.

Store Twenty One when it opened in November 2010
Store Twenty One when it opened in November 2010

It seems that Wyre Council have got fed up of the owners not paying their bills and at long last have called in the bailiffs. Not before time too I think.

The bailiffs have apparently gone into the derelict building with its cracked and boarded up windows and taken property from the shop to try and collect goods to cover money that hasn’t been paid by the landlord. I didn’t realise it had been closed for three years but it has, and has been a source of constant trouble ever since.

Do you remember the names there?

I remember the Marks and Spencer shop which was previously there and closed back in 1986. It was very well used and we often went in there when we were on holiday. If I remember rightly it was then a Littlewoods ex catalogue shop, before Store Twenty One took it over.

Inside Store Twenty One when it opened in November 2010
Inside Store Twenty One when it opened in November 2010

The unpaid bills have been a bone of contention with the council, although they are keeping tight lipped about how much was owed in business rates. They’re also not releasing information about who owns the place, although they have said Marks and Spencer don’t own it, as some people thought.

It seems that the building is owned by a religious charity in Greater Manchester. I did wonder what kind of charity allowed what is valuable land to end up in such a state. The role of a charity trustee is to do their best by the charity, and it seems they are doing a long way from their best with that particular asset.

The shop is so big and so prominent that it doesn’t help Fleetwood to look good. Wyre have tried to get the people who own it to clean up and make it safe, especially after all the trouble that has been seen there.

A catalogue of disasters

A rusty sign fell onto the floor, glad I wasn’t under that or anyone else for that matter. Then in December a huge cannabis factory was discovered there with 1,700 plants (I did wonder if they counted them all) with a street value of about £3,000,000! That’s enough to make your eyes water isn’t it!

Two Vietnamese men in the building were arrested but were part of a modern slavery racket and were released into safe accommodation. At the end of May, the pavement outside the shop had to be cordoned off after a window fell out in high winds with the glass smashing onto the pavement. Now that could have been a really bad accident couldn’t it.

But we’re not finished yet because in June, the pavement again had to be cordoned off after a window blew open. That could, of course, have smashed onto someone. That’s not mentioning all the vandalism that it’s  had. So for me, it’s about time the owners were taken to task, even if it meant hoarding the property up in something decent to make it look less of an eyesore!

A Tragic Accident

How awful to hear that the poor girl who was holidaying in Malaysia with her family has been found dead. It must be devastating for them all. How on earth do you cope with that kind of loss? Our family feel for the parents and relatives as I’m sure you do.

They must think all sorts such as, if they hadn’t gone on holiday that wouldn’t have happened. Until they know the cause of her death, they must be in agony.

It’s looking like she didn’t die through foul play, which must be a small relief. It’s bad enough that she’s gone without thinking she had a tragic end to her young life. Her mum and dad would have loved their little princess to the end of the earth and back. I hope they find some peace eventually to help them with their awful, sad loss.

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