Shopping in the Rain

Shopping in the Rain

Hello everyone. I can’t believe that we are nearly half way through January, how time is flying and it’s not just me, loads of people are saying the same thing. Having missed all the sales, I finally managed to get out of the house at the weekend, to go shopping in the rain.

Eye Eye

Anyway, before I get to that, when I was writing this hubby had just gone to get another eye check up for his glaucoma, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all is OK and no worse as he has just about lost most of the sight in one eye.

A friend of mine in Yorkshire, who I was friends with for over 40 years and sadly is now dead, had only got the sight in one eye due to an accident. Apparently when she was 9 years old, there was a glass ashtray on their mantelpiece and in spite of being told not to touch it, like all children, well most of them anyway, that’s a signal to touch it! Touch it she did and knocked it off the mantelpiece and onto the hearth. The ashtray shattered and a piece flew up and cut her eyeball open. She was rushed to hospital where her eye was stitched back up and after a stay there, she came home. The price she paid was the loss of sight in one eye and a droopy eyelid. I must say though, it never held her back, although quite rightly she had a dicky fit if she ever had anything wrong with the other eye. That was a case of forbidden fruit and all that don’t you think! Or learning the hard way.

Shopping in the Rain

Having not been out of the house for a month, Jane asked me if I wanted to pop up to Cleveleys for an hour in the afternoon on Saturday. Derek who is still full of a bad chest cold and cough didn’t want to go out and Kevin was working, so that left us two.

Off we popped and would you believe it, the minute we set foot out of the house it started raining. After a bit of deliberation about the wisdom of plodding round Cleveleys in the rain, we decided to bite the bullet and go or else I would soon become rooted to the house! At least parking was easy, as I suppose a lot were at home where it was dry and warm, they had more sense than us!

Of course it started to throw it down after we set off, which was a bit of a bummer as they say. But we knew where we wanted to go and that we wouldn’t get soaked once we got to the shops, but it wasn’t half cold, and windy as well. I suppose you would call shopping in the rain a baptism by fire!

Plenty of supplies

They all laugh at me for being a hoarder but it has stood me in good stead when I haven’t been out for so long. So it’s me who laughed when I didn’t run out of things like some would have done! I realised very quickly that when you are walking round the house and feel ok that it’s a different matter when you do finally go out. Jane, who is only one step behind me in the pain stakes, started moaning that she was tired, followed by me who was moaning that everything was aching. All the different muscles I’d not been using were letting me know they were still there, big time I might add.

Anyway, we soldiered on like two brave troopers (aaaaaaah) and got most of the things we wanted from Home Bargains. Did you know, well you probably will because it’s only dozy me who has been out of action that didn’t, that they sell lots more different foods in there. Bread, lots of branded goods even the little round cheese with pineapple and nuts on which we love, was there.

Filling the gap left by Tesco

You would have thought we’d come from Russia where goods used to be in short supply, at the oohs and aaahs we were giving as found more and more things. They’ve obviously realised that with Tesco gone they can cash-in on people like us who used to pop in for odds and ends. It’s like the bread we buy that they sold in Tesco, now gone forever (until Iceland make their mind up what they’re doing). But Home Bargains sell it and all the rest of the things we discovered, so that’s good.

As we couldn’t sit down outside unless we wanted a wet through backside and I didn’t want to go for a drink, we went home to our lovely warm house, bliss.

Eye eye – part 2

Just a quick post-script. Hubby got back from his eye venture before I finished typing and is being referred to the Vic as he’s losing field of vision in his bad eye, so here we go again. At least he saw the funny side of it as he came in with a walking stick asking if anyone had seen a golden Labrador as he’d lost one!

He’s had more eye appointments than I’ve had hot dinners, well not quite, a bit of exaggeration there I think, but luckily he’s used to the goings on. It’s a good job because if there is a problem it needs looking at and that’s what they’re there for!

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