Senior Moments - or a trip to Specsavers...

Senior Moments - or a trip to Specsavers...

I think I must have been on another planet at the weekend, as I carried on again doing daft things. Senior Moments I think they are called.

One of them was when I got out of the bath and as usual reached for the bottle of moisturiser that I like to use to keep my skin beautiful. Ha, ha it’s a bit late for that! I’d got another one out as the last one was empty. Maybe I should have put my glasses on when I got the new one out because there I was, out of the bath liberally covering my legs with the lotion.

Senior Moments – or a trip to Specsavers…

Suddenly as I was rubbing it in, I realised that it wasn’t rubbing in at all, and was leaving thick white residue all over my legs. It did smell nice though. Knowing that something was wrong I put my glasses on to find that I had been using Dove shampoo which said ‘moisturiser’ on the bottle. Me being half blind without my glasses, saw the word ‘moisturiser’ on the front and thought that must be my body cream.

I had to get back into the bath to get the shampoo off my legs, although it did make a nice lather! I then got out a tub of proper moisturiser and did the deed. When I eventually got back upstairs to see to the dogs, I’d no sooner had sat down when Muffin came bounding over to sniff at my legs. Then he started trying to lick it off as it must have smelt nice and tasty to him although Koko wasn’t impressed and sat there as if to say ‘what’s he eating now’. Of course I stopped him as I didn’t fancy being licked to death to get the moisturiser off my legs. It had had such a journey before it got onto my legs!

Lung Cancer Screening

I think it’s a good idea that Lung screening vans are eventually going to be used to try and catch lung disease before it gets a hold on the victim. Read the NHS statement here.

They will be situated in car parks, much like the breast screening vans, with the idea of catching diseases such as lung cancer before it has time to spread everywhere, lessening the chance of survival. The ‘customer’ will have a sort of MOT test and if necessary an on-the-spot chest scan to speed the process up. Instead of the long delays we’ve all faced when trying to have things done at the local hospital.

Did you know that they aim to see to 32,854 people over four years. That’s a lot of people isn’t it. The NHS are hoping to help an extra 55,000 people to survive cancer, which is very good don’t you think. If lung cancer is caught in its early stages there’s a chance of a survival increasing from a half to three quarters. That’s if it is caught at stage one or two.

I think that’s great, anything that can help get rid of this awful disease is OK by me. Although Derek did read out of The Times that it looks as though us oldies aren’t going to be included, which seems a bit daft as I would have thought that the older you get the more likely you are having things going wrong with you. Derek’s mum died in her sixties from lung cancer. She’d never had anything wrong all her life, she didn’t even keep a headache tablet in the house. She never smoked and was dead within three months of diagnosis. So bring it on, anything to fight all these lung diseases can only be good.

Flu and stuff

Now to Kevin who has been suffering with flu all last week, and still is. He was feeling a bit better on Sunday and managed to get dressed and have something to eat. It seems ages ago that he was with us in the house, but he overdid it and is back in bed feeling pretty rotten. He did get up for an hour at lunch time.

It wasn’t helped by our local anonymous (they think) parodists who seem to think it’s great fun to send up different people in a not very nice way, although some people think they are funny, that is until it is aimed at you. Last week saw another attack on me for the umpteenth time but a pretty long one. They thought me important enough to do a whole blog of their own to make fun of my toilet blog. Without naming me as the person it was pretty obvious from the page heading and content it was me they had decided to bully that day.

They might think it’s funny picking on people in the way that they do and their ‘we only state the facts’ is a bare faced lie in itself. They are always making things up and always using our photos without permission. Not content with that they had another go at our business over the weekend which made Kevin mad and didn’t help him after being so ill. It’s nothing more than online bullying, taking the p..s out of people in a spiteful way. You have to wonder why they have to do this to make people laugh at others expense. They need to grow up, don’t you think.

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