Seaside Awards and Spiders

Seaside Awards and Spiders

Today’s blog is a mixed bag of Seaside Awards and Spiders. One of the rangers came to our door on Wednesday to bring the poster, plaque and certificate for our lovely beach.

It’s won the seaside award again, which, if we were to lose it when we’ve managed it for so many years, it would be a bit of a sickener. Kevin will be putting the plaque up on the sea wall I suppose, so that everyone can see how our beach meets all the requirements. We’re gathering quite a collection of them!

Today's blog is a mixed bag of Seaside Awards and Spiders.
Three of our Seaside Awards – with the 2019 one to add to the list

It’s also a feather in the cap for all the people who give their time up to come and clean the beach to make it what it is. We get people coming from far and wide, which is nice, as it just shows that you don’t have to live by the sea to care about what rubbish is doing to our environment!

Here’s Derek, putting the flag up back in 2017 on a lovely sunny day.

Seaside Award flag on Rossall Beach, Cleveleys, in 2017

Talking of which, Blackpool South Shore has lost its Blue Flag award, which must be a blow to them. The Blue Flag is awarded by Keep Britain Tidy and as they have retained it for the last three years they must have had a shock. It just shows that you have to work at it to keep the flag awards, rather than them being given out meaninglessly. Apparently the reason for the drop in standard was due to just a 0.89% drop in sea quality. Although the water quality is rated Good on all four Blackpool beaches, so at least that’s something.

What a change from the days when you paddled and swam in sewage at Blackpool, it was truly awful. You had to try and miss the lumps of poo along with multitudes of different sanitary items! While feeling disgusted, not that much notice was taken of ecology and what we were doing to our sea life and beaches. Plus everything else such as plastic, which is still poisoning our seas and oceans all over the world. It’s quite shameful I think, especially when you hear about plastic being found 7 miles down in the sea. Wow, that’s some depth. I believe that no one has ever gone so deep, so it just shows the problems facing us when you find  plastic there!

Spider Catchers

Changing the subject, I’m going to tell you about something that Kevin bought me, and he keeps asking if I’ve written about it, well here goes. As my long-standing blog readers will know, toilets and spiders are my two favourite yukky subjects, which I have quite frequently written. I’ll tell you about my latest piece of ‘equipment’ which Kevin gave me. The best contraption I’ve ever had in my life, and so simple and easy to use. Are you sitting comfortably? Well I will begin.

As you know, I think I get the whole street’s amount of spiders, I think they pass messages on and tell their pals to come here, as I get so many. Well, the ‘thing’ is made of grey and green plastic, a bit like GTech’s colours. You hold the handle and at the other end is a sort of clear compartment. Then you place the clear bit over the spider making a seal, and slide a button on the handle which makes the floor of the spider catcher close leaving an unharmed spider inside that you can simply take outside and empty, spider and all.

I can’t tell you how brilliant it is. We’ve caught moths and goodness knows what. It’s so environmentally friendly and easy to use that even I can catch the fastest spiders. I caught a small one this morning and took it outside as I hate killing anything, even spiders that make me crawl!

I was a bit wary of it at first, but because I thought it would probably escape and run after me in revenge. No, the thing has worked every time and even for people who don’t like spiders crawling on their bed like my intruders seem to do, it’s very easy to get rid of them.

Tarantulas in Cleveleys

One day, Derek showed me a huge black spider which amazed even him by the size of it. I turned round and told him that was the size of the jet black spider that was staring at me one night, about two inches away, frightening the life out of me.

Today's blog is a mixed bag of Seaside Awards and Spiders

You’ve never seen anyone move so fast, but they hadn’t seen the size of it or they’d have known why it shocked me when I wasn’t expecting it! I  threw my turned-back duvet over it to trap it until I got something to catch it with, while hoping it didn’t escape and terrorise me. Would it be snuggled down in my warm bed or where would it be?

Thankfully the massive spider (don’t laugh) which was nearly as big as a tarantula (well that’s going a bit far but it was enormous) succumbed to my duster and went sailing out of the window into the cold night. Well it served it right when it was trying to outstare me in the warmth of my bed!!

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