Seafront Stories

Seafront Stories

We were so sorry to hear of the drowning of the 26 year old man in the sea off Blackpool at the weekend, what a waste of a life. No one can underestimate the power of the sea as is shown by what seems to be such a lot of lives wasted so needlessly, but whatever the reason they all belong to someone and will leave heart broken people behind to pick up the pieces of what is left, after a loved one dies so tragically. Personally I think it must be awful to end up in the sea and drown after being tossed about like a cork on water. 

North shore at Blackpool
North shore looking at it’s best – but a man lost his life here last weekend

While I’m talking about the sea front, the story of the uncut grass on the promenade at Blackpool rumbles on as councillors seem to be getting dozens of complaints about the state of it and the overgrown foliage on it.

Apparently where the illuminations poles have been put (presumably where the tableaux are at north shore), the grass round them has been cut making the rest of the grass around them look even more unkempt but as a lot of people point out, it is a prominent part of our town and looks an eyesore to visitors when it resembles a field.

It seems however that councillor Fred Jackson says that some people prefer the open spaces to be allowed to grow wild and the council are of the opinion that a lot of people who are environmentally friendly want the grass to grow and have wild flowers in it to attract bees and encourage its natural environment.

I myself am environmentally responsible but when it comes to something being called ‘natural’ when they have originally been kept as lawns to me smacks as we aren’t going to do it because of budget cuts. Sometimes budget cuts do seem to be used as an excuse, and I for one would prefer to see the grass cut and kept cut to impress the visitors who drive along the prom. Put it this way, if I went to another resort and saw it I would think it looked scruffy which is not the look we should be creating here. They could of course suit everyone, and have natural growth alongside mowed grass, which would create a habitat for wildlife, make it all look neater, and cut down the cost of mowing significantly, if all they had to do was zip along the edge of the footpaths in a straight line rather than mow backwards and forwards. Simples! 

Grassed area on Cleveleys seafront

We had something of the same problem here in Cleveleys for a few years as the prom side on the main road has gardens the full length of the new sea defences, which sadly had been badly neglected for a long time and looked an eyesore. Near to the café, there are lawns which are cut and look very tidy while the rest of the prom looked like an overgrown weed-full garden.

A lot of people were very upset about the look that it created for visitors, but thankfully this year to our surprise, workmen keep turning up and weeding and tidying and the difference is remarkable, it is at last starting to look like it was intended, an attractive bit of garden to set off the prom, let’s hope they keep it up.

As I’ve said many times before, the obvious thing would be to grass the whole lot and get rid of the plants as mowing a lawn would be a lot easier than forever looking after flower beds. Part of the gardens have been grassed over at the right hand side of the children’s rides, and it looks very neat and tidy now that it’s had its first mow. Unfortunately, it’s usually people in offices in Manchester or somewhere who make these decisions not knowing what the weather is like or whether the council can afford the manpower.

For example, the lawns near to the café are undulating to look like the sea, but I wouldn’t mind betting that everyone thinks that they have been laid on very uneven soil which is what anyone would think. Anyway, enough about gardens, at least we are getting them tidied up which is great, let’s hope they don’t run out of steam and don’t stop!

We are actually supposed to be having a few days off this week so as usual it was throwing it down yesterday which is usually what happens the minute we say we’ll have some time off. So as a result Derek and Jane were working, Kevin was doing a couple of jobs for me and I’m typing. I told them they might as well work and we’ll store the day up for another time when it’s sunny, if ever!

Then I’m going to ring my cousin to see how she is after her second brush with cancer of the tongue, maybe if you’ve read my blogs long enough you will remember me saying that she’d had part of her tongue taken out due to cancer, well it’s started again with yet another operation to take more of her tongue out, so I’m hoping she’s feeling a bit better today as she’s been in a lot of pain. So, toodleoo until the next time.

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