Round Three of Vandalism in the Bus Station

Round Three of Vandalism in the Bus Station

What a way to start a Monday morning off, with round three of vandalism in the bus station. Kids have been running riot in the bus station again and this time decided to pull two full pieces of the sign off the wall, breaking it in the process. It’s not long since it was graffitied on and had dirty water thrown all over it. After that was cleaned up, for round two they tried to pull it off and didn’t manage it, which was also repaired. That obviously wasn’t good enough for them, and they have finally pulled it off the wall as you can see in the photo.

As you will know, this was done by Cleveleys Coastal Community team and cost a heck of a lot of money. A lot of hard work went into producing it so to say it is maddening is putting it mildly.

Also, the railings outside the boarded up Harvester pub on the seafront had been pulled down, so they obviously hadn’t had enough by vandalising the bus station. Oh and to top it off they’ve been scratching paint off the newly painted yellow columns that hold the bus station roof up.

Round Three of Vandalism in the Bus Station

What can you say. There’s a piece of video on Facebook of these feckless kids opening the emergency exit door on a bus. In a second clip the driver pulls away from the stop with the door open and one kid sat in the emergency exit. Here’s a screenshot from one of them –

Kids opening emergency exit door on bus and hitching a lift
Kids opening emergency exit door on bus and hitching a lift

Kids are roaming in the car park, the bus station and anywhere else that takes their fancy, to do whatever they want, without fear of being stopped. This was filmed at 8.30pm on Sunday when ordinary people are having to use the bus station or go through that area. I wouldn’t like to think they were there if I had to use the bus station or surrounding roads.

The thing that really got my goat was a man who, after I said that these kids want stopping, told me that it’s not like it was in my youth. And I had better get used to it or shut up or move!!! I’ve got news for him, as I told him, I’m going nowhere nor am I shutting up. The kids and their parents are the ones who want to move, not me, don’t you think!

Look after your kids

With that attitude, what hope is there for children to be decent individuals if adults think that it’s a sign of the times and that’s what happens today. How daft can you be. Instead of condoning their behaviour, what about parents being parents and looking after the kids they brought into the world, instead of letting them do heavens knows what! It’s like a licence to do whatever they want and as the police don’t stop it, is it going to be a case of bigger and more awful crime happening? Instead of telling me to move and shut up, he wants to think about the majority of people who think as I do and are sick and tired of people getting off with no matter what crime they commit.

If anyone tells me one more time that it’s the government cuts I think I might just scream. Better management and organisation would be a help and better use of time. If you report a crime you know that it will be ignored and nothing done so people start to think why bother reporting it. The trouble with that is that if people don’t report crimes or nuisance behaviour, it’s a case of there isn’t a problem. Result, crime escalates.

No log = no crime

We’ve been told this by the police themselves in the past, that if incidents aren’t reported there is no problem in that area. Round three of vandalism in the bus station has been logged with the police. Please, to anyone out there who is plagued by this sort of thing, report it by ringing 101 and then it’s logged.

These kids, or others like them, have been causing havoc in the car park for ages and getting away with it. It’s so unfair to the people who are decent and live a law abiding life and try to help their community to be a better place, when their good work is being undone.

One thing that won’t happen, if I know my daughter and her dogged determination, is that they won’t daunt her spirit. It just makes her dig her heels in and be more determined to make the place a better place to live in, not run away from the trouble that feckless kids create. I think I had better stop ranting now before my blood pressure goes through the roof. The trouble is, I’ve always had a strong sense of right and wrong and I get furious with the ‘wrongs’ in this life. Is anyone else like me, or am the only one?!!!

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