Romanian Dogs

Romanian Dogs

I’d been reading an article Romanian dogs, who are wandering the streets and breeding. As the animals aren’t spayed or neutered of course, more and more dogs add to the problem. On TV programmes I’ve watched about this very subject, they also seem to have a cruel streak in them when it comes to dogs. A lot of them are totally abused, beaten and all the things that wretched people do to innocent creatures.

It’s well known that I am an animal lover, especially of dogs, and it makes me so furious when I hear of ill treatment to the poor things. It’s not just Romania though is it, as world wide people can be so cruel to these wonderful creatures. Luckily a rescue centre has been started to take care of these homeless animals here in Blackpool, with our resort being called ‘Rommypool’ by the Noah’s Ark rescuers. Thankfully, a lot of people have signed up to adopt these poor unwanted dogs.

Rescuing Romanian Dogs in Blackpool

Did you know that 22 Romanian dogs were re-homed in Blackpool last month alone, which is quite remarkable I think. Every two weeks, a transit van called ‘happy bus’ with kennels inside brings 40 dogs from Romania to England. The dogs have already been re-homed via their website, so the new owners know, or have an idea, what their new pet will be like. When the bus has gone through customs in the UK, it heads up the M6 towards the collection points where excited owners are waiting to see their new rescued pet. It seems that the tears flow quite profusely, and if I was there they would need a bucket to catch my tears. When it comes to things like this it tugs at my heart strings, so I would have to take a towel with me!

Each Romanian dog is micro-chipped, fully vaccinated and neutered before they set off on their three day journey to the UK. The poor things must be terrified with all that going on. No one can tell them that it’s for their own good and they’ll be so well loved in their new homes.

Home checks

It costs £290 to bring a dog over which is paid by the new owner. I think it’s a small price to pay to make some little dog so happy after the horrible life it’s lived. In the past two years, these amazing people have re-homed more than 100 street dogs from a life of misery and hunger, so well done to them, they deserve a medal.

Of course, should you be tempted to help one of these dogs, your home will have to be vetted to make sure that it’s a safe environment which is so sensible. It’s no good having a garden where your pet can escape from is it, and all the other things that pets should be kept safe from.

Unconditional love

I would be suspicious if there weren’t security checks as these poor animals have had enough misery in their lives without not being cared for and loved like they deserve. They need to go to homes where people are committed to looking after an animal properly, which to me should be exactly what you should do.

It breaks my heart when I hear of all the stories about dogs that are so ill treated. A dog gives love unconditionally and will always love you no matter what. So, to me, it deserves all the love and care that you can give it, don’t you agree? I always think there is something a bit ‘off’ with people who don’t like animals, and I’m usually right.

A friends Romanian Dog

I have a friend who adopted a Romanian dog. She was a scared dog who had been kept in awful conditions and abused. She came over to meet her new dad and settled into the life she deserved. I would imagine that most rescue dogs come with some problem or other after the life they lived and my friend’s dog was no exception. It took a lot of love and patience, but now she’s the apple of his eye and he loves her to bits, which is what it’s all about isn’t it. I don’t think he could imagine not having her as she’s filled a big part of his life and may they have many happy years together.

I would adopt a dog but I’m too old. Any dog could potentially outlive me and that would be awful, so I know when my two fur-babies have left this mortal coil, they will probably be my last ones. This makes me so sad because after a lifetime of keeping and loving my wonderful companions for all these years, I will feel so empty. That’s what dogs do for me, unconditional love, companionship and a myriad of other things that I wouldn’t have missed for the world. Anyway, here’s to many more dogs being taken in and may they have the life and love they deserve.

And don’t forget, there are plenty of English rescue dogs in centers all over the Fylde Coast who need loving homes too.

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