Rescue at Rossall Beach

Rescue at Rossall Beach

It’s been really windy with high tides here on the seafront at Rossall Beach. It was so high at the weekend that it came right up to the sea wall, luckily it stayed there or else! At least the sun was shining and the sea looked magnificent with enormous waves pounding about, it’s just as nice to look at as when it’s calm. It wasn’t so good for someone though. Sadly, during August Bank Holiday weekend we witnessed a rescue at Rossall Beach.

On Saturday afternoon I walked over to the window to look at the sea in all its glory when I saw what looked to be a small fishing boat bobbing about in the distance. I commented to Jane that it seemed a pretty daft thing to do, to go out in such awful weather when you didn’t have to. I was surprised to see any boat out there being tossed all over the place. Curiosity overtook me I’m afraid, and being intrigued I got the binoculars out just in case it was in trouble and needed the Coastguard. I said that I could what looked a solid orange when the penny dropped that it was the lifeboat coming from Cleveleys towards our beach.

Rescue at Rossall Beach

I told Jane what it was and my dear hubby (who keeps saying he’s dea) was in another room and shouted out ‘did you say the lifeboat’. He was there as quick as a shot to see what was going on. I did wonder if they were doing a practise in high seas which they have been known to do. But hubby went onto the balcony and saw the flashing lights of emergency services towards the café.

Coastguard report on Facebook

At that both Jane and I went out to see what was wrong while jumping to the conclusion that someone was in serious trouble, probably in the sea. We’ve seen this sort of thing before when someone is in trouble and all the services turn up with lights flashing. So we had a pretty good idea that it wasn’t someone’s lucky day. They were all there, the Coastguard, ambulance with a door open ready and waiting, police cars, you name it. There were loads of blue lights flashing away.

Lifeboat, helicopter and emergency services

I did feel very worried if it was as we feared and someone had gone into the sea. The lifeboat didn’t land but was as near inshore as it could get I suppose. A helicopter was flying very low over us and around the café area so we knew it was something not good.

Derek, Jane and Kevin went out to see what had happened, although the police closed the prom off and turned people away who were going towards the café. Kevin ended up marshalling people, telling them they couldn’t go any further and to go back to try and help the PCSO who was on her own at our end of the beach.

The helicopter landed in Jubilee Gardens so we were getting quite anxious by this time. Then in a flurry of activity someone was brought out of the sea onto the beach where the paramedics gave CPR.

Rescued person on Cleveleys beach

After a good while, they stretchered the person onto the prom and carried on with trying to resuscitate whoever it was, although we’ve since heard it was a male. They were doing CPR for quite a long time. How old he was or how he got into the sea we don’t know, but all the same it is a horrible feeling to know that someone was so bad after coming out of the sea.

As if nothing had happened…

Eventually after quite a long time, the services went and the prom and the road were opened again as though nothing had happened. I thought it was a weird feeling that people were coming along the road not knowing it had been closed and potentially something awful had happened.

The trouble is, just supposing and knowing nothing concrete about what actually had happened, it’s possible that he was sucked into the sea with the waves which were very, very high. I don’t know yet if it was a local or a visitor, but we all know that live here that you cannot underestimate the power of the sea. It’s so easy to go down the steps while thinking the sea wouldn’t get to you and then wham. A huge wave takes you back into the sea with it and in those kind of conditions you didn’t stand much hope of getting out sadly.

We’ve since heard that the gentleman unfortunately passed away. We don’t have any more details at this stage.

Please be careful at the beach

We’ve seen quite a lot of tragedies in our time here on the prom so we immediately think ‘oh no not someone else in the sea’.

Only last week we saw two boys playing on the edge of the sea, quite oblivious to the sea creeping in the channel behind them. They didn’t turn round, or when they did they were too busy having a good time to care. Luckily I presume it was their mother who started wading across the deep water in the channel to them. She shouted and shouted and even though they saw her they carried on playing. My heart was in my mouth as she was almost up to the top of her legs in the water, but eventually they started going back to her and still laughing and acting about in the deepening water they eventually got back to the beach.

We regularly see people walking along the rocks to the end of the big stone groyne, when the sea is in around them. It’s just so dangerous. Please be careful and just don’t do it.

This is always happening. The beach is always changing shape, leaving big pools of water in a dip that fill up before the shoreline. One of these days there will be an accident, but people switch off when they are on holiday. Sadly some of them learn the hard way.

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