Recycling Rubbish

Recycling Rubbish

Christmas is a time of year when most of us make a lot of waste. Popped crackers, unwrapped presents and all that food packaging we all dispose of. Recycling rubbish is dear to Jane’s heart, and mine for that matter, along with most of our friends who worry about what is going to happen if all this waste isn’t dealt with. So that’s what today’s blog is about.

Recycling Rubbish

Did you see that the powers that be are planning to have a weekly food waste collection in every home in Britain? Well they are.

In Wyre, we used to be able to put food waste in our green bins for quite a long time and then somebody decided that we couldn’t. Why I will never understand, when it’s such good compost material.

There are also plans afoot for there to be a returnable deposit on bottles and cardboard cups to get people to recycle them too. As for paying to return bottles etc, when I was young we must have already been in front of the ‘green’ brigade. I used to take my neighbours glass pop bottles back to our local shop to get two old pence back, which I could keep for myself. Guess who kept knocking on doors to see if they could earn a few pennies, yes me. As I said the other day, if you wanted money back then you had to earn it, and it taught us all a valuable lesson that it didn’t grow on trees.

Glass Recycling

Going back to when I was a very young girl, you could also get money back on jam jars. Wait for it, I can remember getting a farthing a jar. As you had to have four farthings to make up an old penny, you had to take a heck of a lot of jam jars back.

The shop I took them to wasn’t very near by either, but if I wanted a few pennies I earned it. Eventually when the farthing was phased out it became a half old penny. I loved the farthings, they had what seemed to be a little wren on them which I liked. Doesn’t  that make me sound like an ancient relic! Anyway, back to my tale about recycling rubbish.

Recycling Rubbish Made Easier

There is also going to be better labelling on packaging as to what you can recycle and can’t, and about time it’s clearer on some packaging. At the moment, 35% of households are obliged to put food waste into a caddy, whatever a caddy is, it’s obviously not reached the remote Wyre area! (Jane: we’ve got a food waste caddy – it’s got our pegs in it!)

Some councils will oppose these measures unless they are paid to carry it out. Cynic that I am, I wouldn’t mind betting Wyre won’t want to pay don’t you!

As we all know, there is far too much difference in the way that different councils are recycling rubbish. It makes it even more confusing as some collect bottles, some plastic cups, some not. The aim is to get to 50% of waste recycling by 2020 and to be recycling three quarters of plastic packaging by 2035.

Mmmmmm, let me see, I reckon that will make me rather a very ancient monument, but more likely I shall be sitting on a cloud playing a harp watching everybody, wouldn’t that be fun. Anyway at least something is being done about the amount of waste that we make.

Less waste to get rid of

I know I’ve said this a million times, but manufacturers should take responsibility for the amount of packaging that they use that’s not necessary.

As we all know, some things have an inner plastic tray, sometimes covered in stretch like cling film and then a box on the outside which is all unnecessary in my opinion. Why the need to do all this extra wrapping I’ve asked myself a thousand times. I know that the packaging is used to extend the shelf life of food, but a lot of it could be changed for something less wasteful. Back in the good old days food wasn’t wrapped in a million pieces of plastic wrap, so why now. We didn’t suffer for it back then.

Of course then a lot of people had open fires where everything would be burnt. We used to put food scraps on the fire, paper you name it, anything that would burn went on. But now the trend is to have artificial fires and central heating, me included, as they are easier by a long way. Our old metal dustbins were usually just full of ashes from the fire with not much else left to be got rid off. Of course metal bins were necessary as you couldn’t put hot ashes into a plastic bin now could you! I just hope for the future generations that something can be done to keep our planet safe from what could happen if we all carry on ignoring the problem of waste.

Flying high

I’ll just end with a bit of a moan about the idiot or idiots who have been flying drones over Gatwick airport causing misery for thousands of people. You have to wonder what goes on in the head of some of these nutters! To risk killing passengers by flying a drone into the path of a plane is unbelievable. They are quite happy to do what they want, must be on purpose I think because nobody in their right mind would risk bringing a plane down full of passengers who could potentially end up dead. Then of course there are waiting times. Hours and hours people have been crammed into airports waiting for news, with incoming flights diverted. Over the days of Christmas it’s all gone quiet about who it might be so I just hope that they get the idiot/s who are causing misery to innocent people!

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    Did you know Walkers have started a recycling scheme for crisp packets?
    Go to and see all you need to know about where and how to recycle ALL your crisp packets. Well done Walkers.

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