Rainwater Floods

Rainwater Floods

What about all the rainwater floods everywhere over the last week or so? Haven’t they been awful, especially if you’ve been caught in the middle of them. I can’t think of anything worse than my house full of sludge and sewage from overflowing drains. It must be TERRIBLE and I so feel for people who have to come out of their homes for months.

I just hope we don’t have a repeat performance this week, with more heavy rain forecast, that will be falling onto already waterlogged ground.

I would hate to be out of my home, after all, our homes are our castles aren’t they. Even the thought of staying overnight for a couple of nights in a school gym or hall or wherever leaves me shuddering. Imagine the total lack of privacy and rows of beds to rest on, not likely not for me. I don’t want to hear somebody’s loud snoring and all the other things you have to ‘share’ with strangers, not likely. I can understand why some people prefer to stay put in their homes, even if they do get flooded.

Below Sea Level

One of our friends posted on Facebook (above. Thanks to Liz for these photos) that the road at North Square was completely covered by water. Others posted that Westbourne and many other places were also submerged. It must be awful for the people who get sodden, underwater gardens and flooded roads. Not just because it leaves a mess behind, but it’s worrying wondering if it will come in your house.

The trouble is, no one seems to want to be responsible for the drains, as my friend found out. She was passed from pillar to post with Wyre Council saying it was Lancashire County Council that should get the drains done not them, and so it went on. Then LCC blame United Utilities, who blame the Environment Agency, who blame… the Councils.

Blocked drains lead to rainwater floods
Blocked drains lead to rainwater floods

Report It

However, if you have got a blocked drain, standing water or flooding problem you SHOULD report it to Lancashire County Council.

More people have found the same, drains aren’t cleaned for months and months and months so that when it is a downpour, the drains simply can’t cope. Our back garden was a bit of a quagmire as I found out when I went to feed the birds. As our garden slopes away at the back the water is worst is at the bottom, so I kept away from there as I didn’t want to do a Morecambe sands and disappear under the lawn! That would never do would it, who would do the cooking, cleaning, washing and all the rest? Although it doesn’t sound a bad idea really as someone else could take over!

Rainwater Floods in the Town Centre

A lot of Cleveleys town centre was under water apparently, again because of the drains. I know from when I was last there in the car park, it was like doing an obstacle race around the pools of water. You could see the drains weren’t working, what a surprise. I might sound cynical to some people but you shouldn’t have to paddle through water to go somewhere. I think anyway.

Residents are appealing to Lancashire County Council to do something, after Wyre Council were besieged by phone calls asking them to reassure people that the previous flooding won’t happen again because of the strain it puts on the drain system which isn’t coping. Probably because they don’t get cleaned enough! One man had reported blocked drains outside his home twice now. That was a year ago and nobody has been to look them even, or empty the drains. It was only a couple of years ago flooding caused road and school closures while some properties had a lot of damage done to them.

Prioritised Cleaning

Of course, Wyre Council had issued a statement about the present situation. Said in their usual, formal ‘you aren’t bad if you can understand the terminology’ kind of way. They say that the cleaning of drains is prioritised, so that the drains most at risk of causing flooding are emptied first, and kept on top off.

I live on the seafront and the drains get cleared once in a blue moon on here. The seafront is on a bit of a ridge, higher than sea level, with the land sloping downwards as it goes inland. So if the drains are blocked the water goes one way, yes down Thornton Gate at a rate of knots. It seems ironic that we live on the sea front and very close to the sea, yet the people roundabout are more at risk from rain and bad weather.

The powers that be will do whatever they want at the end of the day, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next time!

Help Yourself to Stay Dry when it Rains

Of course if you do live in an area that’s below sea level and prone to standing water or even rainwater floods, there are things you can do to help yourself.

You should have a plan ready, so that if the worst should happen you know what to do in an emergency.

Even better, there are steps you can take to minimise the risk of water getting into your house. And steps to stop your garden from drowning each time it rains. Paving it over is not one of them…

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