Quiet Monday Afternoon at Chrissie Towers

Quiet Monday Afternoon at Chrissie Towers

I was on my own yesterday as my family had gone to The Venue for the Rossall Beach Christmas dinner, so it was a quiet Monday afternoon at Chrissie Towers.

I should have gone, and went last year (photo above) before you think how awful that they left me home alone. But I’ve been decidedly under the weather these past few days so didn’t feel up to going, sadly. I wanted to go, but that’s me for you.

A quiet Monday afternoon at Chrissie Towers

I think someone somewhere says ‘she’s there, get her’ as I always seem to be the one that gets into trouble! Well illness sort of trouble, not with the law in case you were thinking that I had been running riot somewhere.

I kept wondering how it was going on as I am usually there and we have a great time with lots of laughing. Apparently it was great fun – the photos are on the Rossall Beach Buddies Facebook page and there’s an outtakes clip here –

Merry Christmas from the Rossall Beach Buddies

Christmas sadness

This time, Christmas is tinged with sadness, because not only has our lovely friend Val gone to the angels, our great friend Jimmy has also just died.

That was another shock, he was such a lovely man and I for one will truly miss him. He was always coming to me and telling jokes with such a twinkle in his eye and I did wonder if now he’s got ‘up there’ he’s told them all about our pinnie jokes. There will be no more having a laugh with him every time he saw me in my pinnie and I will sooo miss him, as I’m sure lots of people will.

Sleep well Val and Jimmy. I’m sure they’ll be sitting on a cloud together and having a right good old laugh and causing mischief. They were a pair together.

Jim and Chrissie, Audrey and Kevin
Jim and Chrissie, Audrey and Kevin

The weather – one of my favourite subjects

Anyway, back to the weather, the good old British thing that we seem to go on and on about. What is it going to do, when is it going to do it and what did you think of the storms, if you get my drift. It just seems a great British thing, to be obsessed by the weather.

Well we survived the weekend storm which had been promised to us and luckily we didn’t have any snow here in Cleveleys, thank goodness. Snow is OK when you are little and enjoy playing in it. We very rarely get snow here at the coast because of all the salt. There’s lots of photos of snow at the seaside here if you want to look at some.

Rain, rain go away

Didn’t it put some rain down on Saturday and wasn’t it dark and cold. I felt for the people on Green Drive and Thornton Gate just off the promenade as the water must have been building up down there. The streets off the promenade at Cleveleys are below sea level and it doesn’t take much for their gardens to stand in water, or even flood.

The wind was bad enough in the day although not too bad compared to what we do get here, but Saturday night through the night certainly made up for it. It blew and blew its head off. The house was rattling away, especially at about 1am, and it was really wild.

As a result we have sand everywhere. The drive is covered in a layer, the windows, the back garden, it’s like walking on gravel and feels horrible. Having said that it is the middle of December and as we know, if you want to live on the seafront you have to take the bad with the good. I keep dreaming of hot sunny days when the sea looks as still as a mill pond and beautiful shades of pearl and blue. Another four days and the nights start to pull out again, so I’m all for that.

The Christmas Supermarket Dash

I wonder if you are all ready and waiting for Christmas, or are you dreading it?

The one thing that gets my goat is the way that people start stampeding in the supermarkets each year, I positively dread it. It’s not the buying the shopping, it’s the queues at the cash tills that get me down.

When we lived in Yorkshire we went to our local Morrisons at what we thought was a sensible time and I’ve never before or since experienced anything like it. You would have thought we were living in a third world country the way that people were carrying on. It was packed, and that’s putting it mildly might I add. The aisles weren’t wide enough for all the trolleys that were ramming into each other. Tempers were being lost, and oh the queues at the till. It’s a large Morrisons but every till was in use and every till had queues stretching to the back of the shop down each aisle.

It’s not cold inside

On top of that, the shop was red hot and as you do, you get wrapped up in coats, scarves, hats and gloves as it is so cold outside. In no time at all, you’re sweating cobs, it’s horrible, that’s my thought for the day.

Managers were coming round with tins of Quality Street sweets to give to the flagging customers who were standing there for ages. It’s a wonder they didn’t have people passing out. Of course as well, what made it worse was the fact that every trolley was literally groaning with food and supplies so each person took an age to get through the checkout!

I vowed that I would never do that again if I had to walk out of a shop without anything. I can only describe it as exhausting, hot and tiring standing in nearly one spot for well over an hour, which is what we had to do. I’ve just had a great idea, we could send the men, although I’m not sure that would work. Even when they go armed with a very detailed list, they still miss plenty of things off it. But there again, the shops are closed for a month at Christmas aren’t they? Or is it just one day? Mmmmmmm!!

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