Pond Life

Pond Life

My poor daughter and her beloved small natural pond. She is watching it like a hawk and has seen that the pond snails are busy eating all the oxygenating plants, so she’s not amused to say the least with her pond life.

On Sunday morning I wondered where she’d got to and it didn’t take long to find out. There she was, knelt down by the side of the pond, staring into it. I did wonder for a moment if she was saying a prayer with the position she was knelt in. Then I gathered myself together and realised she was looking for the snails.

There she was fishing handfuls of oxygenators (they grow in the pond and produce oxygen to keep the water clear and clean) searching for snails.

Pond Life

I did wonder if she wanted a deerstalker and magnifying glass as she was staring so intently at the stuff. Full of indignation, she told me that in the few weeks they had been in there, they’d been busy being naughty and breeding. There were baby snails all over the place much to her disgust.

I thought, good luck there then, getting all those out of the pond. She’d talked of taking them to a pond somewhere and releasing them, as me, mum, tutted and tutted at her in case she was thinking of becoming the mad axe woman!

She had to break off to come in for lunch and the afternoon resumed with her going fishing again. Having taken all of the plants out she concluded that the pond was overrun with tiny baby snails. The final verdict was that there’s not a lot she can do about it until next Spring, and she needs to find some frogs, fast!

Selective Rats

Thinking about the things that we don’t want living with us, wherever that might be, and a different meaning to the expression ‘pond life’.

Did you know that rats are becoming quite the food taste experts? I certainly didn’t. Well it seems that city rats have gone off the idea of snacking on rat poison (can you blame them) and going for something more delectable to their palate.


The furry rodents are developing a taste for things other than poison, such as organic chocolate and other more tasty things. In the London area, I suppose because in certain areas people eat ‘posher’ and more expensive food, they have become partial to a bit of Manuka honey, organic peanut butter and gluten free ice cream.

I did wonder why they had to have gluten free and not the ordinary ice cream but obviously their taste buds have developed to a higher level beyond ordinary cheese and poison!

A very discerning rat…

A woman had been trying to trap a rat in her home in Lewisham, London. She said they’d tried normal traps with poison and each time the rats ignored it. Well, I thought, can you blame them. Somehow I don’t think rats have a built in mechanism for suicide. After trying different kinds of food, she put some SunPat peanut butter and Nutella into the traps and they still ignored it.

Mmmm these rats certainly had got a sophisticated palate if they turned those down, they’ll be wanting caviar next! Anyway, not to be defeated by the rat who obviously was a Mensa candidate, in sheer desperation she put down some Green and Blacks expensive 80% chocolate (I don’t like it as it is too bitter for me even though it’s good for you).

The rats obviously didn’t think it was too bitter as they gobbled the lot, greedy little things. The rat they saw had even eaten the tin foil the chocolate was wrapped in so it had obviously been taught to waste not, want not!

Time to call in the rat man

In the end, fed up of trying every food know to man, they called in Pest Control who confirmed that rats are becoming more particular about what their food is. One house had a rat that would only eat organic Meridian peanut butter (Which I thought, well stop giving it to them then or they’ll never go!)

As the amount of rats is increasing, a DIY store has noticed an increase in rat trap sales in the last twelve months because rats have become canny when it comes to what they put in their mouths. You couldn’t make it up could you. Rats avoiding dying and only eating ‘nice’ food that they have foraged for.

Maybe the answer is not to put bags of rubbish outside until it’s dustbin day and then they won’t have anything nice to nibble on. It makes sense to me, I don’t know about you.

But it has amused me to think about rats being trained to like only the nice things in life. It did make me chuckle at the thought of a rat with knife and fork in hand, bib on, tucking into organic delicacies that someone had left there for rodents to eat in the first place!

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