Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

What a lovely weekend of doing nothing except for things that you have to do. We’ve been catching up on our recordings and watched a plastic surgery programme. My was it an eye opener, so much so I just had to write about it.

You have to think that people must be mad for going through that sort of pain. Just to look what they think is more perfect in their eyes. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My beauty vanished a long time ago, to make way for a corrugated face, sagging arms, cellulite and all the rest of the things that living long enough brings us. I would still rather be alive than go through such risky things as surgery. I don’t want anymore thank you very much. What I had was essential – and enough to put you off for life in my opinion.

Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Well, the plastic surgery is taking place in Turkey and a very nice place it is too. Very modern, posh and not like a hospital at all. The patients get to stay in a beautiful new villa to recuperate. It’s one of a few that the people who own the hospital have had built for ‘guests’ to live in while they are undergoing torture.

There’s a swimming pool and all you could want, but I still say no thank you very much. They wouldn’t drag me there screaming or otherwise. Number one I’m a coward, in spite of thinking I could do with half a dozen face and body lifts. Wanting and doing are two different things in my book.

Anyway, to the patients in this plastic surgery programme. One was just 21, another 25 and another in her thirties. What can you say because at 21 and 25 what would they need doing? Even 30’s is a bit odd to me. I wasn’t worrying about things like that at their age. But they had one thing in common, they were totally upset as to how people perceived them. Obviously they would carry on and on until they got what they thought was perfect.

Marking out

The 21 year old was shown being drawn on and measured ready for surgery. They would run out of pen if they tried drawing all that on me if their body is anything to go by. The poor surgeon would have cramp in his hand by the time he’d finished with me!

The young woman wanted fat sucking out of her stomach and putting in her derriere, bum to you and me. A brazilian butt lift apparently, and anything else they could do. Her breasts didn’t suit her and heaven knows what else. She certainly had a psychological problem that’s for sure.

They all wanted pretty much the same thing done – bums, boobs, and stomachs. Unfortunately, I inherited a plump stomach from my mother’s side of the family, as the one thing I would love would be a washboard tummy. In your dreams Chrissie, it’s never going to happen. But I do think if you are apple shape, straight up and down you have a ‘plump’ tum, while pear shaped people have a waist, hips and flat stomach. I was obviously born into the wrong family or something, that must be it!

Fat and gore

So, they showed them being cut open while the surgeon had a good old poke and prod with a metal tube. He used a lot of energy to get pints of greasy looking fat and gore out to make their dreams come true and have a lovely flat stomach. It was treated and then injected into her backside. Now I have inherited my dad’s backside, I just don’t have one. So if I wanted mine doing and making round and plump, they would end up taking so much off my stomach that I ended up looking sucked in like the waist of an egg timer!The boobs were a standard stick-a-chicken-fillet under the skin.

The 30 something also decided to have a ton of skin cut off her stomach as it was saggy after three births (to be fair, it was). I don’t think she had any idea what she was letting herself in for. They were all in agony afterwards with the tummy tuck being the leader in pain levels, which isn’t surprising considering the amount of skin they took off. She could have had her shoes heeled and soled with it ten times over by the time they had finished hacking at her!

They all wore what looked like torture in the form of skin tight corsets although how they squeezed their various parts into them I’ll never know. They make Spanx look a breeze and I wouldn’t wear one of them either. They had to wear these for several weeks.

Before and after plastic surgery

I must admit that they did look a lot better on before and after pictures. The surgeons obviously were very good, but how the woman who’d had the tummy tuck got home in the state she was in I don’t know. The thing is, the operations were such a lot cheaper there, plus a holiday in the sun. Even though they were in pain, they were eventually very happy when the swelling reduced so I suppose that’s OK. The stay afterwards was just six days with nurses to treat you in your villa, and full board. Then off you go, limping away doubled up, to the plane and homeward bound.

One of them said she was going to have her teeth fixed next so it’s apparent that it is very addictive. But at 21 what can you say. It’s to be hoped that by the time they have finished they don’t go near anything hot or they would melt in a pool onto the floor!

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