Pinching the Poppy Collecting Tin

Pinching the Poppy Collecting Tin

Put your feet up and have two minutes while you read today’s blog. After a bit of chatter from the kitchen it’s onto the subject of the lowlife who was caught after pinching the poppy collecting tin from a hotel in Blackpool.

So first, this week I seem to have the dropsies. What are they you might well ask? Well it’s me being clumsy handed, that’s what.

There I was sitting at the kitchen table having my mid morning drink while peeling potatoes etc and hulling strawberries and all the rest. I had the empty strawberry carton on the table full of carrot peelings, strawberry bits and all sorts when I decided to brighten the morning up by banging my hand hard onto the strawberry carton full of yuk, and the whole lot went all over the floor much to everyone’s amusement! I was scrabbling away picking up all the squashy green bits off the strawberries, all nicely mixed into the rest of the rubbish. It was quite yucky, although I did have to laugh at myself!

Then not content with that, I got the dog dishes to make their dinner, went over to the cupboard where I keep their dry food to add it to the food already in the bowls. What did I do? Yes, you’ve got it, I knocked the whole lot onto the floor and managed to break Muffin’s dog bowl into the process. Luckily I had a spare, just like the one I broke, so he’ll not know will he! Again, I went down onto the floor to pick the sloppy food up, while hubby looked on with the floor mop in his hand. I quickly said ‘I’ll clean up’ and got some kitchen roll to clean the gunk off the floor, it’s a good job its tiled! I thought I’d better get to it before he set off with the floor mop and made an epic out of it like he is prone to do, although it was nice of him to offer. You know what they say, it always comes in threes, so I wonder what else I’ll drop and make a mess of, I dread to think!

Pinching the Poppy Collecting Tin

Back to the outside world and what did you think to the low life who thought that pinching the poppy collecting tin from the reception desk in a Blackpool hotel was OK. Then he had the cheek to say ‘oh by the way, I’m taking this I’m sorry’.

The man, who was from Blackpool, was caught and appeared before magistrates court where he pleaded guilty to taking it. He was sentenced to 168 days in prison and was ordered to pay £40 compensation to the British Legion when he got out. The magistrate said that pinching the poppy collecting tin was such a deplorable action that he had no option but to jail him. The theft took place at Tiffany’s Hotel on the prom and apparently he had popped into the hotel to ‘ask the time’. As if. It was 5pm when it happened but time wasn’t on his mind, pinching the poppy collecting tin was, and he must have been a good runner because he also got away with it.

Not for long though, as he was identified by the hotel CCTV camera! The guests were so upset that they had a whip round and donated £77 to replace the money that he had stolen. That was then matched by the hotel, bringing the total to £154. It seems that the man, who is 28 years old, was well known to the police. He’s been a thief from a young age, to the point that he committed 140 burglaries in one year. Wow, he was busy wasn’t he! He’s known as Blackpool’s most prolific thief and it’s been said that he was taught a life of crime by his dad who used him when he was young to climb through small windows to get inside and then presumably let his dad in.

Blackpool’s Own Oliver Twist

I think he must have been reading Oliver Twist because that’s just what he had to do as he was small, climb through windows to let Bill Sykes in. Although I’m not sure that he would have read a bit of Charles Dickens are you? I do know that even if he was indoctrinated into a life of crime, that to steal a charity tin is pretty rotten as thieving goes, I think.

There are so many more like him and usually they get a slap on the wrist and let off, which makes me wonder if it had been something less emotive that he’d pinched, would he have been let off again? What with the increase of violence on the street and gangs, drugs and drink, it makes you wonder at the rate it’s escalating. What are future years going to be like?

It gets my goat when low life’s think they can take whatever they want from you when you have worked hard all your life, and it doesn’t matter. Well it does. Something desperately needs doing to stop this wave of violence and crime before it’s too late.

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