People Watching

People Watching

I went to the doctors the other morning for the results of my annual MOT. Jane drives me there, and despite being there for 8.30am we had trouble parking. I was just on time for my appointment, so I went and logged in, just in case they were on time, while she parked the car. Nearly ten minutes later there I was, sitting like a lonely Petunia in an onion patch (as the song goes) so what did I do? What I love to do, a spot of people watching and studied the folks around me.

People Watching in the Waiting Room

Anyone who knows me will know I’m always saying I ought to have been an Anthropologist. I could spend all day sitting on a bench and watching people of all shapes and sizes, wondering what’s going on in their day. Well I was in my element in the waiting room as I ended up sort of head of the table as it were, with me facing forward and the rest of the people all facing me.

Talk about being on the hot spot. Do any of my online friends know the look that people give you when they’re in waiting rooms, especially, doctors, dentists, hospitals etc. They all seem to look as though they are waiting to be thrown to the wolves going by the look on their faces. I was no exception, as I can think of a thousand places I would rather be, than sit in a doctor’s waiting room, wondering what was in store for me!

I did rather feel as though I was on Mastermind and in the ‘chair’ with all these eyes staring at me, but undaunted I carried on people watching and found one woman staring at me as though she would have liked to strike me down.

Mad Axe Woman?

She rather gave me the heebie jeebies as she wouldn’t stop staring, with such a look on her face. I must admit I had to turn away from her stare in the end as she wasn’t going to look away. So what that was all about I don’t know. I did wonder if something was wrong with my face, like dirt on it or whether I was growing a second head, but anyway, I broke her gaze and went on to another one.

The second was a woman clutching a crutch. Again she kept staring at me with this look on her face that I thought I had left behind with the other woman. I tried not to stare back but how can you help it when you are on your own and facing everyone. It did occur to me that maybe that was why I got that seat so easily as they all knew that this staring would happen. I would say they were all struck by my beauty but that would be a downright lie, so I carried on looking round the room, carrying on with my people watching.

The men weren’t as bad, thank goodness, in spite of keep having a quick look to see if I was still there. I bet they were wondering who on earth I was that was staring back at them with a sort of bemused smile on my face. I bet they dismissed me as a daft old bat who should have known better than to sit on that chair!

Why were they all there?

Anyway, the ones furthest away from me kept having a crafty peek, both men and women, so I set about getting my brain in order to imagine what they were all doing there. Judging by the downcast, scared stiff look on their faces, they were looking forward to their visit as much as I was. But have you ever noticed the expressions on peoples’ faces when they are somewhere they don’t want to be? I call it downright fear in a lot of cases, and I wouldn’t mind betting they were all wondering what I was doing there, so was I!

The people who were sitting more sideways still had a good view of me, and they also kept staring at me as I was casually admiring the gnomes and plants in the bit of garden outside in the little courtyard. I did wonder if I cracked a view jokes that they would look less scared stiff, although I doubt that anything would cheer them up going by the look on their faces.

Then we had the mum with two children who thought they were in the school playground, judging by the noise they were making. They ran all over the place, yelling and laughing. Their mum looked on as if to say ‘I should stop them but I’m busy at the counter’ while at least it took the minds off me as they had some other people to watch!


Then the names started being called out. Some people who had just turned up went straight in. Much to the looks of disgust from some of the others as if to say’ how did you manage that’ when I was here first.

There’s a number of doctors and nurses of course, so if your appointment was on time you seemed to jump the queue. Eventually it was my turn. Thinking that I would be glad when I got out of there and back at home, I went in to see what fate had in store for me this time!

By now you’re probably waiting for the punchline. With a sigh of relief everything was normal, so I scooted out as fast as I could to get back home. To have another half an hour laid on the bed with a brew and the morning news!

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