Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime

Well I’m well and truly back to it again, after a week of bliss doing the bare minimum. With my partners in crime we’ve been going out, and relaxing for once. I can’t believe all the nice weather we’ve had too as it usually rains non stop when we are off, so it was a welcome change.

Jobs List

I did give my lot a list of things I wanted them to do last weekend in the hope that some of them might oblige!

I asked for all the windows to be cleaned inside, of which I know there are a lot. But guess what, yes, no windows cleaned. My arm usually drops off when I start doing things like that so in case they want a one armed person living with them, I said get cracking!

Another job was to pull the settees out, which weigh a ton, and hoover underneath them. It’s not a job for the faint hearted, never mind me. Yes, it still hasn’t been done, so fat chance of that happening any time soon, don’t you think. We’ve got two corner settees, they’re sectional in an L shape, with a side piece where you can lie down full length, which is bliss. Guess who sits there, yes, me and it is lovely to be able to sprawl out and relax. I can recommend these type of settees to anyone!

I brought the subject up again, knowing it still wanted doing, to which Kevin said ‘you should have told us before, not waited until the last minute’. The cheeky monkey knew I’d asked him a week ago. Kevin and hubby usually do that deed. As the dogs sprawl out with me, when the settee does get pulled out there’s usually a good helping of dog hairs, chews, dog sticks and anything else that might have dropped down between the corners. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t a household full of mucky so and so’s, but to pull them out every week would be a nightmare never mind the moans and groans from them both.

Partners in Crime

Anyway, we enjoyed our week together as we always do. A lot of people might find it odd as we live together, work together and have fun together. It’s worked for thirty years and just gets better so that can’t be bad can it.

When we first decided to join forces thirty years ago, a lot of people thought we were crackers and said it wouldn’t last, but they were so wrong.

Partners in Crime on Cleveleys beach, many years ago on a day trip

Some of the people who looked as if to say they wouldn’t do that if they were paid to, have since divorced, remarried and all sorts of things. It just goes to show doesn’t it, that with give and take and organising, you can have lots of benefits in a big, mad happy house.

For example, sharing household bills and all the rest. It certainly makes a lot of difference to your living costs when one person doesn’t have to pay for everything, believe me.

Mmmm, gotta get to Greggs

Digression over and back to our days off. We went to Blackpool one day to see what was happening on the shopping front. Since they closed the Greggs in Cleveleys, I must admit I’ve made a bee-line for their sausage rolls whenever I’ve been in Blackpool. Half is usually enough just to satisfy that need for one, aided and abetted by my partner in crime Kevin!

Partners in crime eating sausage rolls
Partners in crime eating sausage rolls

After tiring ourselves out well and truly, leaving me three inches shorter due to the walking, would you believe some of the clothes Jane bought had to be exchanged. So what can you do but pop back the day after to take them back.

By this time the men were exhausted. So Jane and I went off for a bit of women time together, and go to places the men wouldn’t want to. We’d got something in Debenhams that needed to go back. But with good discounts on everything, what can you do but have another good look round to see what you missed the day before.  More sales things popped up at us too, so we decided in our wisdom to try them. Blackpool three days on the trot was a bit much even for us, so off to the changing rooms we went.

Funny Half Hour

We went in together so that we could see what we looked like and get the other’s opinion. There was a lot of laughing at me bouncing into the walls, as I keep losing my balance. After banging into the sides of the cubicle, we managed to try the things on. I looked a right twerp in some of them which set us both of laughing our heads off, then even more banging into the walls as we tried to get them on and off.

I did say that if anyone heard us they would wonder what on earth we were doing. We weren’t doing anything, just having lots of laughs at our antics. We can’t have been too bad as we didn’t get thrown out of the shop!

All in all, the rest of the week carried on in a similar vein, with laughter galore and enjoyment with each others company. It certainly can’t be bad can it, we must have some staying power somewhere!!

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