Parking Spaces

Parking Spaces

As I thought, the new hotel which is being built at the old Yates’ site doesn’t have any parking spaces. I couldn’t imagine where they would put a car park on such a tight awkwardly shaped place other than in the basement, which is seems is totally out of the question.

It was said that underground car parking wasn’t viable. Also that ground level parking wouldn’t allow many spaces and wouldn’t be acceptable to look at. You don’t need 20 GCSE’s to work that one out, as the space is taken up with the hotel itself.

Enough Parking Spaces?

Councillor Gillian Campbell said there was enough car parking spaces in the town centre anyway, both for existing visitors and additional hotel guests. Am I missing something here or is it not obvious at the planning stage a 150 bedroom hotel will bring lots of people to stay? If full to capacity it means the guest list would grow enormously, as usually you have more than one person per room, plus those using the public facilities.

Parking Spaces at West Street or Talbot Road

The people who stay at the new Premier Inn will have to use West Street which is at capacity, or Talbot Road car park. Whichever you would choose is going to be expensive, especially if you stay for two or three days, which guests tend to do at that sort of hotel. It’s another expense on top of the cost of the room.

The concern is that the other new hotel, which is to go on the Wilko site, will have no parking spaces at all, or possibly some limited spaces. That means that guests would still have to pay a lot to park their cars, even on a subsidised basis. The Highways department said that there is sufficient alternative parking and the planning department accepted the plans without the need for car parking spaces.

Travel by Public Transport

I know that a lot of people come to Blackpool by public transport, and these new hotels will be in quite close walking distance to the railway station. Let’s hope that a lot of the visitors travel here by train, which will alleviate a lot of the problem with congestion in the town centre.

As someone who used their car to go to their holiday destination, car parking space is a big deal to me as I would not stay at that particular hotel that didn’t have space to park. I absolutely wouldn’t leave my car in a public car park all night, or in on-street parking bays. In today’s climate of late night hooligans, what would you come back to? And is the car safe?

Why would you want to come out of your hotel and then have to find your car, especially if the weather is awful, because I wouldn’t. Imagine going out for the day and coming back weary and loaded up with bags and then to have to walk to your hotel, no it’s not for me. I think the cost alone could put some people off booking at a hotel without car parking spaces, but we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we.

Read more about the improvements and new hotels in Blackpool at this link

Broken Record

As for the dancer who said that Blackpool wasn’t nice, and it’s sleazy or whatever it was that he said, I think that’s an awful comment to make, especially on hearsay and not knowing for himself what the place is like.

Every seaside town (in fact every town) has grotty areas and Blackpool is no exception. But why is it so picked on, to get the worst things said about it when other places are also awful in parts too.

Of course he’s apologised, no doubt with his arm up his back. When the Strictly team come to the beautiful Tower ballroom it’s not a good look for them if some of their dancers class it as’ grotty’.

So many improvements

As I’m like a broken record about the town, Blackpool has come on in leaps and bounds these last few years. There are so many new buildings, seafront renovation and all the other things that are taking place, with a lot more to come. It would be nice if the people who criticise it and give it a bad name would come and see for themselves what it’s like.

As I’ve said a million times, there are some awful areas and druggies and drunks and beggars, but I’m told that Manchester is one heck of a lot worse. So why doesn’t that city get picked on?

Plenty to see and do

I could think of lots of places that aren’t exactly desirable, but it seems as much of a tradition to run the place down as it is to buy a Kiss-me-Quick hat.

Somebody must like the place as it gets plenty of visitors, and with lots and lots of places to go to, and things to do it keeps people occupied, especially if the weather is bad. It’s ideal if you have children as there is so much to see and do.

So to the man who decided our town was a ‘dump’ shall we say (my words not his) tell us what you think when you’ve been here!!

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    The work that is being done in Blackpool is transforming the town there are still works ongoing but just look at the prom what a beautiful space it is now. Blackpool has so much to do rain or shine and lots of events throughout the year. Other seaside places need to catch up.

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    When we stay in other towns we either get the train or look for a hotel with parking. If parking is such an issue, stay elsewhere (such as Travelodge / Premier Inns that do have parking). I have driven to Edinburgh, and got the train. Build the hotel and let people choose to pay for parking or park further away. If parking is an issue there are plenty of other hotels in the resort.

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