Parking Meters

Parking Meters

You might have heard by now that Lancashire County Council, in their wisdom or not, have proposed that 13 towns in their authority may have parking meters installed on their high streets. (In the above photo is one of the new parking meters on Princes Way at Anchorsholme).

And guess what, yes, Cleveleys is one of them. Plus Poulton and Lytham in our neck of the woods, in other words, the busy towns where they can milk motorists.

I sometimes wonder if all these councils are hell bent on trying to shut down high streets, as they come up with one crackpot idea after another. Of course, you might disagree and think it will be a good thing. As I join Jane in her goal of making Cleveleys a town worth visiting, I don’t welcome anything that will stop people from visiting or local from shopping.

Parking Meters in Cleveleys

Then of course, there are all the taxi ranks, disabled parking spaces and whatnot, so that by the time they’ve finished, there aren’t all that many places left on Victoria Road West. What it could potentially affect is the side streets. It’s bad enough trying to get a space at Aldi now, if they bring this in we might as well not bother shopping there.

If you want to pop into a shop, bank or building society for just a flying visit, are you going to want to pay at a parking meter for what could be a five minute trip? I don’t think so. You have to wonder if the councils sit in their offices all day wondering what they can do next to make life miserable for people, as they certainly try hard.

I thought that towns all over Britain were trying their best to beat the move to internet sales that are crippling some towns. So I find it hard to understand why they think installing parking meters will encourage people to visit.  We have tried long and hard to get parking meters installed on Rossall Prom where they would make a fortune, but no, they’re deaf to that one.

Support our town centres, don’t hinder them!

Then there is the person on the High Street who is running a campaign to stop buskers from playing in the town when people love to hear them, and so it goes on and on. If only the council would listen to their constituents about what they want, instead of pandering to one person, then we would be getting somewhere, don’t you think.

I know I’m a bit of a worn out record when it comes to Cleveleys, but I just wish some people, the council and some of the traders would waken up and smell the roses. The demise of Cleveleys can and will happen if we let it, so to me, now is the time to encourage people to support the town not bring it down!

Parking meters are only going to help LCC by putting more revenue into their pockets, which is probably what they are up to. That’s my opinion of course, call me cynical if you like, but there you go. I’ve noticed over the years that when it comes to the good of Cleveleys, LCC are good at being as obstructive as they can be. Surely the people who live here and use the town should have a say in what happens to it, I think so, but I am but one small voice!

Anyway, one thing is for sure, they will do what they want, when they want, never mind what anyone thinks, but at least I can have a say in my blog!

Wyre’s new lottery

While I’m talking about councils, what do you think of Wyre’s new plan to do a lottery? There will be a pay-out each week of £25,000 for the price of a £1 ticket. People from outside Wyre can buy a ticket, but the reason for it is to raise cash for good causes within Wyre. Apparently, Wyre would not benefit financially, and with the scheme being recommended for approval, it will surely go through.

A company in Oxford will run the scheme and that’s all I know at the moment. How you buy a ticket or anything else remains to be seen, so that will be interesting, don’t you think. We packed in buying lottery tickets years ago when it was obvious that we would get to the moon faster than winning on the lottery, so I’m not sure I shall be buying a ticket for personal reasons!!

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  1. My husband has a blue badge but not long before we have charges if we can’t find a disabled place. Why not just shut the shops down. I don’t go to blackpool any more because parking is atrocious and the rest dug up. Now cleveleys is going to suffer. The promenade that used to be littered with motor homes who spent years having free holidays now that stretch has gone to the other extreme charging £1 an hour. Amazingly no one is parking there even on fine days shooting oneself in the foot comes to mind

    Come on Fleetwood give them a run for their money

    I was so proud of extolling the virtues of cleveleys to folk instead of blackpool but I will think twice before we go having difficulties walking car is my husband’s only form of transport. Then you wonder why we buy on line and wait for the parcel to come to us

  2. Cleveleys is already suffering from the loss of Tesco. If charges are introduced for street parking, it may deter short-stay shoppers; I would certainly think twice about popping to the shops in Cleveleys if I had to pay for parking. Do the LCC want to see the decline of small towns and local shops, with everyone going to the big supermarkets where parking is free?

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