Paint it Black

Paint it Black

Today’s blog is about the debate about the decision to paint it black. The Ocean Hotel that is, once painted regulation beige (above), soon to be the new Arts B&B on North Prom.

Just a quick digression first. Can you believe it’s May? I can’t, I’m stuck somewhere in March as usual and time is flying by too quickly. After being told we would have heavy rain we’ve had just a bit of light showering so I hope Kevin’s lawn sand doesn’t burn the grass. You’re supposed to have the grass watered or rained on after application, or else!! What happens is that it goes a nice shade of burnt brown. Our lawns are suffering from dandelionitis, courtesy of all the dandelions in gardens around us, so something needed doing and quick! It’s got to be said that Kevin loves his lawns and drastic action needs to be taken before it becomes a dandelion lawn. Just who do you believe about the weather, the best thing is to look out of your windows and see for yourself!

Paint it Black

When we went to Blackpool last week, as we were driving opposite the Metropole Hotel, we saw that the former Ocean Hotel has been painted black. It’s the one which is very slowly being converted into the Arts B&B – somewhere to be used by the Blackpool artist community. We all commented that is was too much and too dark, which was a wonder because there is always someone to disagree in our house.

They must have heard us through the ether because, lo and behold, objections to it were reported on in yesterday’s paper.

Don't paint it black - report in yesterday's paper
Don’t paint it black – report in yesterday’s paper

Apparently the colour that was passed was dark grey. Not being colour blind, it is quite obvious to us that the house is a shade of very, very dark grey or should I say, black. The purchase of the property dates back to 2016 when the council bought it for the princely sum of £203,000. It was bought, aided by Left Coast, to be developed into a bed and breakfast supporting practising artists, where guests would stay who were interested in the arts.

A blind man on a galloping horse

Of course, the colour being the completely wrong shade of grey hasn’t gone unnoticed by the council and talks are being held as the building is still being worked on. It was obvious to a blind man on a galloping horse (old Yorkshire saying) that the place was a bit of a dump, to put not too fine a word on it. It looked completely run down and a mess.

Blackpool North Promenade where the new Arts B&B is, behind the Metropole Hotel
Blackpool North Promenade where the new Arts B&B is, behind the Metropole Hotel

Of course, like a lot of old Blackpool properties, the render had given up the ghost and wanted renewing. The proposed render was going to be silicone render in the lighter grey that had been passed by planning.  It was to match the new windows, and the boundary walls are also to match. It looks like it’s been painted and not rendered – it’s going to be one very dark house before they finish!

The property will have 17 bedrooms and be classed as art B&B, funded by various community funds and the like. Although I could think of better things to spend a fortune on, but that’s my opinion.

The B&B that’s Painted Black

As we passed the building, we all commented about the uproar previously created by the Sands Hotel wanting to use a black trim on their new building. Planners had said that their proposed black finish wouldn’t match the surroundings and wasn’t appropriate for the location.

As the new Sands has loads of windows and not that much to paint black, it seems odd that the Arts house is black literally all over. I believe the Sands has been sorted out now. In my opinion, you might think differently, but I think the Art house stands out like a sore thumb and doesn’t fit in with the surroundings at all.

Is it an ‘arty’ thing?

Looking at the state of how dilapidated it was, it must be costing a fortune to convert the inside. Let’s hope they don’t paint the rooms black as well. I think it must be an ‘arty’ thing – my hubby also loves all things black. His bedroom before we were married was painted bright red and black, to which I said yuk. If he had his way, our house would be the same. No-way Jose!

They probably thought that it’s the best colour not to show the dirt, but I think they’re mistaken. We’ve found out that in a lot of ways, dark colours show the dirt a lot more than light colours. Salt in the air discolours PVC windows. Sand and salt leaves ‘tide marks’, the sort that makes lots of white patches all over. Also, don’t forget the seagulls who don’t care where they leave their ‘parcels’. Lots of white poo on the black walls will stand out a mile. So for me, it’s not so much the fact that it’s been painted black, more an issue of what it will look like after 6 months.

Having experienced all this, it has taught us not to have dark anything outside. Or trouble will follow! Usually in the shape of me grumbling about the dirt and what is someone going to do about it! Anyway, let’s hope they make it look less funereal than it does to me. It’s almost like a haunted house!!!

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    I think you’ve answered your own question Chrissie. Why paint it black? Seagull parcels? Jackson Pollock!!!!!

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