One Man and His Dog

One Man and His Dog

Hubby told me the other day about the older man who had taken his old English sheepdog onto the beach at Cleveleys for a last look at the beach, as his dog was dying, and it appears he got a ticket. Would you believe it has hit The Times newspaper of all places, and what a place to get notoriety for Cleveleys. My hubby loves his Times and reads it avidly from cover to cover (well on the iPad now) and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw our beach on there.

One Man and his dog on the beach…

The dog was in a dog pram and he was pushing him on the beach, which is no easy thing to do I can tell you, when he hit a sandbank and the dog sort of was tipped out of it (prams for big dogs tend to be quite low to the ground). As quick as a flash, the minute the dogs’ feet touched the sand a Wyre enforcement officer was writing a ticket out, as he was on a no-dogs beach!

Of course the poor man must have been astounded when it happened so quickly, but the officer wasn’t budging about the fine, which I believe is about £80. The gentleman in question challenged it but Wyre Council weren’t moving for anyone and their only concession was that he could pay in instalments! A Rita Amos from the council said that the dog should have been strapped in, which was fair enough. My two boys are always strapped into their pram, as Muffin especially, would jump out to say hello to every dog if he could (and being smaller dogs theirs is a more conventional looking pram, higher from the floor).

It was an accident your honour

It was only later when the press got hold of it that the council agreed to cancel the fine. As the dog also has arthritis, his owner perhaps thought he wouldn’t want to get out of his safe place, and after all it was an accident that caused his feet to touch the sand.

Most people think dog prams are great and understand why the majority of us use them. You do get some sneers though and I keep saying we should make a sign for the front of ours. ‘Disabled not pampered’. Imagine the uproar if disabled humans were sneered at in a wheelchair. It’s no different.

Anyway. I know we have a terrible dog poo problem on our beach which is slowly improving thanks to on the spot ticketing. But it is a dog walkers destination and very busy, so the enforcement officers could do with being here more often! We went for years without anything being done about it and it is a serious problem that needs addressing. Having said that, a bit of common sense wouldn’t have gone amiss with this poor dog who obviously wasn’t going to start jumping everywhere, I don’t know, I think a lot of people’s common sense has gone out of the window when it comes to dealing with situations that are different. Maybe they need telling to apply some when meeting a case like this.

One Man and His Complaint

Still on the subject of the beach, Jane had a phone call the other day from a reporter at the Gazette about a man who had told them that Rossall beach has a ‘massive litter problem and nothings being done about it’. Yes, right.

Apparently the council came back to him telling him that more street cleaners and beach cleaners are employed now than there used to be. He retorted that the council are more concerned about dog poo than rubbish. He goes on to say that since February, he has picked five bags of rubbish up EVERYDAY from Cleveleys beach going up towards Rossall. He says the waste is coming from ships, not sure how he knows that, but anyway, he’s not a happy bunny.

Jane was bemused by his comments as our Rossall Beach gang clean rubbish off every month at organised events. Plus the lone beach cleaners who come regularly on their own to tidy up in between beach cleans, and all of the dog walkers who also pick litter up.


I must say that I think he’s got his wires crossed somewhere as the beach is cleaner now than it’s ever been. He is right that the council don’t employ paid beach cleaners and haven’t done so for years, as the public will tell you. Up to our group starting, the beach was filthy and I mean filthy. When we used to come here for the day out 25 years ago, and the beach was so full of rubbish, it was obvious it hadn’t been touched. At one point you couldn’t put your feet down for the amount of rubbish there was. Dog poo was everywhere and as a result our group was the very first on the Fylde Coast to get people to join in and clean up.

It was so successful that countless groups were set up to copy what we did, it certainly wasn’t done anywhere else before. The public are always saying how clean the beach is and what a difference it’s made, so that speaks for itself. Including children there were 93 people here on our last beach clean.

But the problem is, when you get a windy day and rough seas, plastic and the rest comes out of the sea onto the beach. You could have cleaned it the day before and you wouldn’t know the day after, and that is the battle that is facing us. It’s good that the man does clean rubbish up but to say it never gets touched and that it’s always filthy is so untrue. A lot of people care about the environment and plastic which is brilliant and they are putting their money where their mouth is and doing something about it.

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  1. Avatar

    FIVE A DAY !!!

    I just read the article about the guy who was fined because his {arthritic} dog fell out of it’s pram on the beach, hard to believe that the dog warden would be so heartless to give the guy an £80 ticket,

    Other than that, regarding rubbish on the beach, as you say it does vary quite a lot day to day due to how bad the weather has been, but we can all do our bit. I walk my little dog on the beaches that aren’t closed to dogs at this time of year.

    During our walks I make a point of picking up 5 pieces of litter every day, that might not sound like a lot but between us we shift almost 2,000 pieces a year off the Rossall Beach area. We target litter that’s dangerous to children or to dogs, broken glass bottles, drink cans that have been ripped open, or anything sharp. It doesn’t add more than a minute or two to our walk to pick the stuff up and to find a bin to dump it in, if we all did that, dog walkers or just folks walking on the beach we could make it safer for all of us.

    If just 10 of us did “Five a Day” that would be 20,000 bits of litter, often dangerous bits of litter off our beach.


  2. Avatar

    This dog ban on the beach is a load of rubbish. I pick big plastic tubs up and i picked 5 up the other day, and one of them had oil spilt all over the steps. I also pick the fishing hooks up and glass and lead weights. Why can’t the council work with the dog walkers. The ones that go on the beach which were not allowed, pick the hooks up before people come on with kids. Even though the council have said we’re not allowed to do that, we have to ring the council and he will send his men out. Who don’t come out. I’d rather have my dog or kid stand in a pile of dog poo, than a fishing hook. Oh none of the fishing hook pictures are on the council website to warn people. So why don’t they work with us. These dog wardens at 7.30am in the morning wanted to fine you 100 pound because that’s what it is, when the beach is totally empty. No one is on it having a picnic. So what harm are we doing, but saving the council for being sued because in this day and age if anyone stands on a fishing hook they will be suing the council. Work with the dog walkers don’t be against them. There is hardly any dog poo on the beach, there are more plastic bottles and things that drift in or off ships. Don’t put all dog walkers in the same category, and why aren’t the fishermen banned for 5 months of the year.

  3. Avatar

    I quite agree with all you say, dogs need looking after as well, and kept safe on our beaches, from unclean waters and fish hooks, same as kids. But oh no I see ppl on clean beaches with kids, no dogs area, leaving all sorts of rubbish so where’s the fines and wardens for that sort of behaviour? It’s racist against dogs there just waiting for dogs to come on and make a mistake. I can say I clean up all the time after my dogs. I think ppl need be looking at more places to visit than blackpool it’s not dog friendly at all really, they will lose a lot of holiday pet ppl soon.

  4. Avatar

    I’m looking for Heather with the cockerspaniel golden colour.
    Walks her dog on cleveleys beach.
    Glasgow. 😍

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