On Holiday all the Time

On Holiday all the Time

Today’s blog is chatter from Chrissie Towers, a dread of Bank holiday traffic, and why I feel like I’m on holiday all the time.

It was a strange day weather wise yesterday. It was blowy on the sea front but in the back garden it felt mild. Jane and the beach buddies have been beach cleaning and they all said how cold it was on the beach and they hadn’t enough warm clothes on. It’s very warm inside so the insulation must work thank goodness!

Cool morning for the Rossall Beach Clean up
Cool morning for the Rossall Beach Clean up

I had to stay at home doing jobs instead of going on the beach, something I enjoyed doing once but as I’ve said before, the good old arthritis has caught up with me and stops me from doing a lot of things. I couldn’t even get the top off a bottle of sauce the other day!

I did go to the Venue for lunch with my friends. As usual, we were a pretty noisy lot and it’s a good job that we sit in the back. Not only are we noisy they’re all dressed like they’ve been in a typhoon with their outdoor clobber on and it isn’t a good look for people who have gone for their lunch! I still felt as though I’d eaten a ten course meal and could have merrily go to sleep. Like I said to my friends, I felt like a pig that had just been fed! No comments thank you!!

We had a lovely lunch if not too much of it, although Kevin, who is trying to cut food out a bit, managed to finish our leftovers for us all. Derek and myself were a tad over faced with the amount of food and he always cleans up everyone else’s leftovers too. Once home, it was back to reality when they went straight to the office and I was typing this. The sun came out and it looked beautifully tempting out there I must say!

We’ve had a pretty boring weekend no doubt compared to some of you, but it’s so nice just to stop and relax and not be tramping about when you don’t want to. I suppose getting that bit older doesn’t help because at one time I was always on the go.

Every weekend it would be ‘where shall we go today’ and off we would go. We used to go all over the place with York, Bakewell and Chatsworth being among our favourites. I always loved going to the seaside, which we often did, because as we were then living pretty much in the middle of the country, both the East and West coasts were handy for us.

West is Best

We had some lovely weekends back then and really enjoyed ourselves although when it comes to the seaside we all agreed that ‘West is best’ in our opinion.

When we went to Scarborough, Whitby, Bridlington and many more places on the East coast we didn’t like the way that by evening it was dark and gloomy, the morning being when you got the sun.

Here on the West coast the evening sunshine is lovely, with the most spectacular sunsets that would rival many a Caribbean sunset, well that’s my opinion. If there’s anything we love it’s our living room facing the setting sun with the most fantastic orange, pink, blue, lilac you name it there’s nothing like it. It doesn’t matter how many times you see it, it’s still remarkable and different every time. Judging by the amount of people who sit parked in their cars watching the sun go down at the end of the road they think the same, as it’s always busy.

The one thing I didn’t like about our day trips was coping with the traffic which could be awful, especially when we went to the East coast. Most of the journey was dual carriages and lots of winding roads, yuk. I remember going to Bridlington one year on a Bank Holiday Monday and we all vowed never again. The lack of motorways meant traffic jams the like of which you’ve never seen, although I change that to include Cornwall and Devon in that, as that can be equally horrendous. Anyway, that particular day we were stuck on winding roads for hours and it was horrible to say the least. We thought we were never going to get home that day, so when we did we were all exhausted. Never again on a Bank holiday, no never!

The driving on motorways from some people was (is) diabolical too, and we had a few near misses I can tell you. The standard of sloppy, couldn’t-care-less driving was awful and I was always glad when we got back home in one piece. Funnily enough there was an article in the paper yesterday about the same thing and I have to agree about the standard of driving on our roads, it can be terrible!

You get the slow coaches driving at 50mph on motorways which can cause as many problems as a lunatic tearing up behind you and pushing you out of the way. Then there are the accidents. We’ve seen so many in our travels that it used to make us wonder how we managed to escape being in one ourselves.

On holiday all the time

At least now we can stay put because we live at the seaside. People wonder why we’re not bothered about going on holiday, but a) we’ve done enough driving to last us a lifetime and b) we live at the seaside, we’re on holiday all the time. It doesn’t get much better than that does it!!

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