A Nice Weekend

A Nice Weekend

My but it was very windy here on the seafront yesterday, which means I can’t see out of the windows again because of the sand and salt. We really could do with windscreen wipers on our front windows and then we would be able to see out! We’ve had a nice weekend though, did you?

Jane and I went to Cleveleys with the dogs on Saturday and were and talking to lots of people on the way there and back. It is so nice to bump into friends and a good old natter, although I still wish the council would provide more benches in front of WH Smiths in that area. I know a lot of the pavement belongs to the shops as they used to be gardens in the good old days when houses were there. Apparently they would have to give permission to the council to put benches on their ‘bit’. We were looking on Saturday and there is still plenty of council owned land to go at on the block paving part.

Sitting down is a necessity for me, and no doubt a heck of a lot more shoppers, and when there is only one seat on the whole of that stretch it’s a mad scramble to see who can bag it first. There used to be a lot more seats previously, so why aren’t there more now I wonder? Can you remember the wishing well bench outside the old Victoria Market? And a little sit-up-and-beg bench near Argos? You can see them both on this photo.

Victoria Market at Cleveleys
Victoria Market at Cleveleys

New seating was included on the M&Co planning application but that never materialised when the shop was finally built. Anyway, as we all know, landlords and the council are a law unto themselves and will do (or not) as they see fit. If I’d been in charge I would have insisted that M&Co include their new benches. No doubt it was added to the planning application to make them look community minded.

My dear hubby had got the tea ready for us when we came back, which was well appreciated I can tell you.

Miserable weather makes for a nice weekend too!

The weather had changed by Sunday afternoon and, sitting in the living room listening to the wind and odd showers, we decided to have a lazy afternoon and do some colouring or whatever else we wanted to do. Bliss I call it after being busy all week, it’s so nice to relax and listen to the weather doing whatever it wanted to do, while we were snug and warm inside.

While we were ensconced in the house, we decided to catch up on watching Michael Mosley who had visited Blackpool with a programme about giving patients placebos for pain. The place did look very nice, which it is, as Blackpool can get portrayed as somewhere not very desirable when it suits the media.

117 people with chronic back pain took part in the trials and were led to believe that some were being given a powerful painkiller, while the rest had a placebo.

Quite amazingly half of the people who took part in the scheme said they felt relief from their back pain, while some said their pain had completely gone! What they were given was ground up rice in pill form which they all took – there was no wonder drug.

The Power of the Mind

It was quite amazing how some of them used the power of their mind, albeit unknowingly, to control their pain to the extent that a lot of them said their pain levels were dramatically reduced or went completely. Such is the power of the unconscious mind to send out its own pain killers from the brain, to make us realise that the mind is a wonderful tool which can be used to ease pain. Some of the people in the trial seemed to be a bit upset as they weren’t told that all of them would get the placebo. One man in a wheelchair had improved dramatically to the extent that he could stand and get out of his chair.

His face was a picture, as were some of the others, of utter disbelief that they hadn’t had the ‘new drug’ maybe because it might look to some people as though they must be making the pain up.  All of them were obviously in pain and to see them ‘recover’ was brilliant as they re-gained their old lives back.

The power of the brain is a force to be reckoned with and proves that the mind can be tricked into believing that pain relief is helping. I suppose it’s all the endorphins that are pumped out of the brain which makes them feel better. However, a lot of them are so pleased with the relief of their pain that they are continuing with the placebo to see if their mind can carry on giving them some relief. Quite amazing don’t you think!!

A nice start to the week after a nice weekend

To start the week off we went to the Venue yesterday for lunch with friends who had been on our monthly beach clean. The trouble was, we all wanted to go to sleep when we were nice and full, which I think wouldn’t go down well with the staff if we were all giving it some of the old zzzzzzz!

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