New Year's Day

New Year's Day

Here I am again popping up to say hello to you all, in case you thought I’d dropped off the planet! Well I haven’t and I’m still alive and kicking, well just about anyway. We’ve had a lovely relaxing Christmas and New Year’s Day which is what we needed after such a busy time last year. We’ve done as little as possible and had a relaxing break, which is what we promised ourselves, and it was lovely I might tell you. Just what the doctor ordered as they say.

New Year’s Day

Did you go for a walk in the sunshine on New Year’s Day? The prom was absolutely packed all day, you would have thought it was a hot sunny day there were so many people and cars about.

It was lovely weather though, and sunny and not as cold as it has been but we were still amazed by the number of people on the beach and the prom. The car parking area at the end of the road was chock full of cars, with people queueing along the road. There seemed to be people everywhere, I know it was New Year’s day but really, what will it be like in Summer, I wonder.

It’s as though somebody had put a notice on Facebook saying ‘everybody go to Rossall Prom’ and they did!

New Year’s Day Rubbish Tally

Jane proudly told me that the only food we had wasted all through Christmas and the New Year was a couple of spoons of chive and cheese dip, so we haven’t done bad, have we.

We always plan our menu for the week and buy just what we need as we both hate to throw food away so it obviously paid off this Christmas. Didn’t we do well. I really don’t like throwing food away. It’s not just this current trend to being less wasteful of resources either, I’ve always disliked putting good food in the bin. It just seems so needlessly wasteful.

Sunshine on a Wintery Day

After the excitement of New Year’s Day had died down, my lot took themselves off to south shore at Blackpool to do some much needed photography while the sun was shining. I was left here with the dogs who are always perfectly happy to lie by me, fast asleep.

New South Promenade at Blackpool. New Year's Day
New South Promenade at Blackpool

Isn’t it cold, when you wake up the house is freezing. I snuggle back down in my lovely warm bed and snuggle into the sheets and go back to sleep again. Well you have to don’t you when it’s so cold! I never get in my warm bed at night without thinking how lucky I am to have a warm bed to get into. You can’t imagine what it must be like to be homeless in this weather.

The back garden’s been frozen over with frost that’s not clearing away as it’s East facing in the back. I keep taking the ice off the garden birds water bowl which they certainly look happy about. It’s easy to forget that birds like a drink as well as food but they do, the poor things!

When Electrical Things Go Wrong

I think I must be wired up with something odd, as electrical things seem to go wrong where I am. It’s really strange.

I’ll be on my computer and something won’t work. I try everything still no hope so when I ask Jane to look at the blooming thing it works straight away. It’s always happening to me. Yesterday for example, I got my computer out to do a blog and have a look at Facebook and the internet, and nothing worked. No cursor nothing. It wasn’t happy at all.

Jane was in the room on her computer so I asked her to have a look at it. After giving me that ‘here we go again’ look, she came to see what was to do. Having tried all sorts to brighten it up the poor thing, the computer I mean, she declared that it really wasn’t working. That made me feel better as these sorts of things are always happening to me.

We switched the lot off, rebooted it, still nothing, only me twiddling my thumbs while it came back to life again. In the end, she decided that it wasn’t having any and she’d have to get Kevin to look at it, which he did but not until after tea. He opened the lid and looked as if to say ‘you’re winding me up’ as the silly computer worked straight away.

This is always happening to me and not just with computers. All sorts go wrong when I do something and it’s always electrical. So I’ve reached the conclusion that I’m not wired up properly as there is only me in the house who has this problem!

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