New Life in Blackpool Town Centre

New Life in Blackpool Town Centre

News from Blackpool about new life in Blackpool town centre, as the new B&M shop has just opened in the old BHS store.

They have relocated there from their former store because of the redevelopment of the Sands Building. It’s all exciting stuff which will see some big changes in Blackpool town centre in the not too distant future.

BHS in Blackpool just before it closed in May 2016

When we last went into Blackpool they’d just started to paint the window frames and work on the former BHS unit. With typical shop-fitter speed they’ve knocked about and the new store is now open, creating new life in Blackpool town centre.

New life in Blackpool Town Centre with a new family attraction

It seems that proposals are under way for a family attraction in the old basement of BHS. That’s if it gets the go ahead of course, as we all know what councils are like don’t we! A Coventry man has proposed to develop an indoor leisure centre in the basement, and in doing so change it to leisure from retail.

The developer says that it will attract people to the town centre and bring much needed trade to that part of town. He has got a point when he says that a basement isn’t as attractive a retail space as ground floor or above, which I would agree. I never fancied going downstairs when it was BHS unless I wanted something. It just didn’t appeal to me to browse down there as much as I would do upstairs.

He also says that it will be a year round attraction to pull visitors in, and would be open from 10am to midnight. It’s expected to create 20 more new jobs which of course would be good for those wanting one. The activities will include inflatables, by which I presume they mean bouncy castles and that sort of thing. There will be tubing slides and electric karting along with a café bar, I suppose for the mum’s and dad’s!

For me anything that helps the town to be used more, especially at that end which is looking a bit run down to say the least, will be good. Let’s hope they get the green light to go ahead and create new life in Blackpool town centre.

A good heart is hard to find

My dear hubby went to the Vic for an echocardiogram on Thursday morning. The trouble is we, like everyone else who has a procedure done, have to wait two or three weeks for the results. I don’t know why they can’t just say there and then whether it looks OK or doesn’t, instead of keeping us all on tenterhooks.

Somebody told me that it takes two weeks or more to type a letter. Well just email us then, it’s a lot quicker and cheaper I would think, don’t you. It didn’t help when I opened the paper that morning and saw the headlines ‘heart operation deaths spark fear over safety’. You can imagine what I thought can’t you, cheer us all up why don’t you!

It seems that three deaths in five months have been linked to a sheath used to cover a probe that is put down a patients throat during routine heart procedures. One death has been blamed on this, it tore a woman’s throat when the tube was passed down. She had the tear repaired but went on to develop sepsis which she died from as a result of the operation. I do believe that it is to do with heart valve issues which is what hubby dear suffers from, so let’s hope they get sorted out just in case!!

Anyway he was at least laughing when he came in but I think it was more a case of them both acting daft.

The woman who was doing the procedure took one look at him and told him to take his shirt off and lie on the bed and then promptly put the lights off. So Kevin said didn’t he (Derek) say to her ‘you next’!! I think she wasn’t too happy doing her job, Derek said she was the same woman that he saw last time and she didn’t seem happy then either. Of course as usual he was covered in the gunky gel that they use to do a scan, which amused them even more.

As usual, we know nothing until he goes back in September to see ‘the big man’ so we are keeping our fingers crossed that his problems haven’t got worse and it’s business as usual.

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