New Food Places at South Shore

New Food Places at South Shore

I see that new food places are planned for South Shore. A new Nando’s restaurant and a drive through Starbucks is planned for the Morrison’s car park site at Squires Gate Lane. They’ve also applied for two different retailers to open there, which can’t be bad as it will give jobs to about 40 people.

New Food Places at South Shore

The units are planned for the supermarket car park near to the petrol station. It will mean the loss of just 50 car parking spaces out of the existing 615 spaces so that won’t be too bad, will it. After all, it is a large car park to say the least and when we’ve been there it is usually far from full, just the opposite in fact.

A separate proposal has been put forward and given permission to create a new entrance and exit off Squires Gate Lane straight into Morrison’s car park. This would mean the closure of the central reservation at Sandgate. I’m not sure where that is as I’m not too familiar with names of roads around there.

Of course, doubts have been raised about various things, but that’s what you expect when you put in for planning. The first thing I thought when I read the proposals for new units was how would it affect driving in and out of the estate, but if plans are underway for their own exit and entrance that should solve the problem.

I personally won’t benefit that much from the new restaurants as I don’t go down there all that often as I live in Cleveleys. But I would imagine it will be welcomed by a lot of people who use the estate regularly.

I did wonder what McDonald’s had to say about the news of the new food places at South Shore as they have just about got the whole of the captive audience at the moment. Apart from the few who choose the cafes inside Morrison’s and Dunelm.  It must surely affect their trade don’t you think.

Going back to the new road in and out of Morrison’s, I bet we’ve all experienced trying to get out of the estate at certain times of the day. It can be a bit of a mad house because of the roundabouts especially when the trading estate is emptying on the other side. You can see people’s faces getting more and more fraught as they try to nip in and out when a car moves, so at least someone has had their thinking cap on!

First in the Queue

Back to our house for a minute. Kevin at last seems to be on the mend from his awful bout of flu thank goodness. It has been so strange to have him missing from house while he has been confined to bed. He certainly was very poorly indeed and doesn’t want another dose of flu again. But three weeks on and he still doesn’t feel fully recovered – he’s not got any energy and keeps feeling rotten.

Why do men have to persist in being so stubborn. In previous years we have had to nag and nag at him to go and get a flu jab but this year, it fell on deaf ears. The men in our house seem to dig their heels in when it comes to doing something they either don’t want to do, can’t be bothered and all the other things they come up with. It has taught him a lesson the hard way and he says he’ll be first in line for the ‘jab’ next year.

It’s quite amazing that some men can go selectively deaf when they want to, don’t you think, or have you got a very obedient hubby or partner? My hubby can hear a pin drop from a mile away when it suits him. But when I want him to do something he goes very deaf and pretends he’s not heard me, although I make sure he does!!

It’s like when I put the washer on at night and tell him about an hour in advance to get clean clothes out so the one’s he’s been wearing can be washed (I put a load on at night and the rest in the morning). I can just about guarantee that when I come out of the bath he looks blank at me as if I’d never opened my mouth, when I ask him what he’s got to remember! Of course, we wouldn’t be without our better halves, well I think so, but sometimes selective deafness becomes a drag when it’s time after time!!

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