The New Cleveleys Market

The New Cleveleys Market

I suppose you will have seen that the new Cleveleys market has had official approval to carry on, which is good news.

The New Cleveleys Market

It will still be on the Plaza where it began last year, which was the most popular place. It will run from around Easter until the end of September. I was a bit disappointed by this decision as I don’t see why it couldn’t be open for longer.

Look at October last year, the weather was beautiful and the markets thrived on those days. The same goes for the beginning of the year. You can’t say that certain weather applies in certain months because it doesn’t. We can get awful weather in the height of Summer and nice weather in the Winter.

Take yesterday for example, it was beautiful here (and not windy) so would have been lovely weather for a market. I wonder if other market stalls in different towns are allowed to only be there for 6 months? I bet not, and unless they are under a great big plastic dome in the sky they must get bad weather too, don’t you think.

People Power

Also, there’s a maximum of 14 stalls allowed. Last year there was talk of a lot more stalls being added if the scheme was successful. Obviously it must be successful if it is allowed to be carried on I suppose, unless I’m missing something here. Obviously there is a finite amount of space, but 14 is only two more stalls than we previously had. It’s a bit like giving with one hand and taking away with the other to me, but that’s just my opinion.

Hopefully it will do the trick, it was Jane’s suggestion to the council to have a market and it’s finally been approved. She is doing everything she can, as are other like minded people in Cleveleys who want exactly the same thing. It used to be called ‘people power’ so let’s hope they can carry on helping the town to be a better place, with the help of other people.

Blackpool Budget Hotel

Just a quick mention about Blackpool and the plans for the new hotel that is proposed for the site of the former Tudor Rose Hotel, which was pulled down a few years ago.

If plans are passed there will be a 103 room property built on the site and it’s a part of the ‘EasyJet’ holiday chain.

Mmmmm, I’m trying to not be a bit cynical, but when I found out that rooms will start at £15 a night, need I say any more. They want to add two cafes and restaurants to the plans. Food isn’t included in the cost of the room (nor is anything else I should imagine) which is a good job, because if it was £15 a night WITH food, imagine what you would get!

Anyway, the group says that one of the ways they keep down costs is to have some rooms with no windows, what! You go on holiday to the seaside and see daylight, so it’s a no thank you from me. But at least the rooms will all have air conditioning in them (and hopefully central heating) which isn’t mentioned, nor is en-suites and bathrooms. (Oh look, there I go again on the toilet subject).

The owners say that it will allow people to have ‘superb budget offer accommodation which is stylish and comfortable’ and with the cheaper prices it will allow people to have more money to spend in Blackpool.

I’m not trying to be hard on the scheme but the picture of the proposed building does look a bit like a mill factory. It may turn out to be wonderful and the way that future hotels will go. Time will tell, I watch with anticipation!

Final Thought goes to the weather

What a lovely sunny day it was yesterday, a bit blowy but not as icy as it has been. Jane and I had a walk on the front on Saturday afternoon, and my was it cold. We were well wrapped up but my face started to feel as if it was going to freeze.

Walking in cold sunny weather in Cleveleys
Walking in cold sunny weather in Cleveleys

Maybe that would be a good thing though as it might have made my wrinkles become static! We really enjoyed it despite the very low temperatures and by the looks of it we weren’t the only ones who fancied a bit of fresh air. We were amazed at the amount of people who were out and about, we thought it would be quiet but how wrong can you be. There are obviously a lot more hardier folks out there than we thought there would be, going by the amount of people we passed.

Derek and Kevin went to Blackpool to do some photography as it was so sunny. They got back after us, declaring that thank goodness they had warm clothes on, which you certainly need living here on the West Coast! When we lived inland we had hardly any heavy outdoor clothes as we didn’t need them. But living here teaches you that you have to have the right clothes or freeze from the biting winds that the Fylde is famous for.

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  1. Maybe we could persuade the Council to allow some specialist markets after September – crafts, Christmas, artisan produce etc.

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