My New Computer

My New Computer

Hello everyone, here I am again after having time off while waiting for my new computer. It came in the week just gone so Kevin had to set it up for me or else, I would still be sitting there scratching my head! It took him some time to set everything up and how on earth he has done it all I still don’t understand. This is the first time I’ve had a go with it. But before that happened, I had to find out how to turn it on!

While I was wondering what make to buy when my last computer departed this mortal coil, Kevin was all for me trying a different brand. Guess who got mardy and said ‘no I want the same make as my other and then I will have more idea what to use and why.’

It was like chipping away at a frozen block of ice as I wasn’t going to melt for anybody. Despite both him and Jane nagging at me that all computers are the same, I wasn’t having any. Until in the end, Derek said ‘you might as well shut up as she wants what she wants’. At this point, I think their brains switched on and they realised that my new computer was to be a Lenovo or nothing!

It took Kevin some time to transfer all my ‘stuff’ over and now, here I am, trying it out.

Starting out with my new computer

When I found out how to switch it on, which was in a completely different place might I add, I started to use some of the ‘stuff’ to see if it was the same or not.

Well, I got Facebook open along with messages to tell me how to do this, that and the other. All background stuff which I haven’t got a clue about so I sent for the next in command, Jane, who came to see what I was stuck with. Kevin, who might I say likes washing up (well someone’s got to haven’t they) had disappeared into the bowels of the kitchen. So there we were, with me pretending to understand, while thinking all the time that I was so glad I had a similar computer or it would have really scuppered me. Things are in different places, with this that and other all over the place. Jane was trying to put my internet favourites bar back and struggled to fathom that one out, so I would have had no hope.

Send for IT

Suddenly she roared ‘Kevin’ right down my right ear to get him to come from the comfort of the washing up water to sorting us both out. Eventually after a few more explosions from her lungs, he heard and came to the distressed damsels. Would you know, the minute he touched it on it came, what we were looking for. So once again my ‘magnetic field’ must have been on the go.

Does anyone else have the problem that electrical things don’t work when they try to use them, because I do. When I’m using my computer, I have often had it throwing weird messages up, when it’s worked before. I get Jane to have a look at it and the minute she does, it works properly. The same with TV’s and anything electrical, they won’t work for me but are normal for the others! Spooky or what!!

So, still not knowing where I get the skill from to make things not work, we tried again and had success. Well of a sort anyway, as we tried to see what was what.

Typing for victory

I managed to get my documents sorted out after yet another attempt of getting it wrong, so here I am, typing for victory. It does seem a bit strange after not doing blogs for few days, but I shall be glad when it all gets sorted out in my thick head and I can just use it as I used to.

I’m no expert on a computer by any means, but I can sort of find my way around. Bearing in mind that I couldn’t use a computer at all a few years ago. So I shall be a happy bunny when I get used to all the different ways of doing things, if that ever happens!!

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