M&S Deal a Blow to Fleetwood

M&S Deal a Blow to Fleetwood

In my blog today I’m talking about the fact that M&S deal a blow to Fleetwood by closing their outlet store at Freeport. Plus a bit of chatter first from Chrissie Towers.

Anniversaries and Rollercoasters

It was my lovely Jane and Kevin’s wedding anniversary yesterday, 26 years, wow how time flies. It doesn’t seem to be two minutes to me since we were planning it. I’m glad I’m not doing another one, I don’t think my nerves would stand it! They had a lovely day with, I hope, many more to come for two of the nicest people you could wish for. The morning of their big day was misty with the sun getting out at lunch time leaving us with a lovely sunny day on the actual day. There are so many memories aren’t there, let’s hope we all have many more.

Jane strolled in at 1.20pm after a morning out at the Pleasure Beach. She was invited to attend the official opening of the new ICON Rollercoaster ride along with other members of the media, so as I was typing this she was tucking into her meal, no doubt starving after being up at 5am as usual and off out early on. I’ll probably tell you more when I find out what went off. They were all invited to have a go on the new ride but, as her friends will agree, it wouldn’t be a wise move for her to go on anything moving without taking a sick bucket!!! It seems that some of the people there that she knows thought it would make a brilliant photo, of Jane throwing up with sick going everywhere on the new ride. Sadistic or what. All in good fun of course.

M&S Deal a Blow to Fleetwood

Onto local matters now, and Derek shocking me when he announced that M&S at Freeport is to close in July. What a shock that was, I can tell you, I bet the Freeport owners had plenty to say about that one. Especially as they are going to announce this weekend that the name will be changed, along with its identity, which will all be revealed on Saturday. We have had an official invite to go  and see what’s what so that will be interesting, let’s hope the sun carries on shining for them!

Back to M&S and the news that the store will close by July 28, along with a lot more shops up and down the country. Luckily, no job losses at our store as our local employees are going to go to other shops nearby. I bet they breathed a sigh of relief don’t you. But as to the others I don’t know what will happen to them.

I thought that the MP for Fleetwood was a bit hopeful in saying that she would urge M&S to open a shop on the High Street in Fleetwood to get people to shop in the community. My first thought was ‘dream on’ if they can’t get it to stay open in Freeport, they have no hope of them making a profit in Fleetwood, for obvious reasons. A good idea but not commercially practical I would have thought. Thank goodness our Cleveleys food shop is to stay open (along with Blackpool) which I personally am glad of, as I do shop in the Cleveleys one, as do a lot more people judging by the way the place is usually so busy.

Lost their way

I must say that I’m not surprised the company is making losses like it is are you. The last few times we’ve been in the outlet at Freeport we’ve commented on how awful the designs are. The company as a whole has been struggling for years with its fashion side. As I’ve said many times before, whoever does their buying wants to stop designing clothes that are OK for a catwalk but not something you would go out in.

They seem to be trying to attract younger people I assume, going by the clothes they are selling, but traditionally it hasn’t been a young people’s shop to buy the clothes of your dreams. It seems to be something the bosses at M&S haven’t been able to get for many many years as they still keep selling, in my opinion, awful things. The last time we were there it was like Joseph and his Technicolour coat with gaudy looking clothes, frills and flounces in all the wrong places, and generally expensive.

The younger people go to Primark and shops like that where they can get what they want cheaply, making their money go a lot further. Along with designs that are practical while being stylish. Online shopping is another factor with all the big names at your fingertips.

I’ve always thought that the quality of M&S things is very good, I can’t fault that, but they are getting more expensive with seemingly no idea of which market they are trying to attract. This comes at a price, the closure of yet more shops as their profits fall badly.

Waken up and smell the flowers M&S. Give people what they want, well made affordable clothes that aren’t over the top fashion wise or too old fashioned. I can’t understand why they don’t get it and after years of struggling they still carry on with the same story, even though they make massive losses. Isn’t that the definition of insanity, to continue to do the same thing and expect to get a different result? Derek says they have their own in house design team which we think is fatal, as they are stuck with the same people, designing the same type of things, which people don’t want.

It’s so frustrating when our shop is closing down and I for one am really sorry about that news.

M&S deal a blow to Fleetwood by closing their outlet store at Freeport.
M&S deal a blow to Fleetwood by closing their outlet store at Freeport, and I’ve had many a bargain in there.

But I’m not surprised in a way, as they seem to have completely lost their way. I will miss it for tshirts and good quality staple wardrobe items, and all the things that are a lot cheaper than their main stores, but the powers that be have spoken. So the question is who on earth they will get to fill it? That is going to be a headache I would imagine when you think of the size of the place!!

What do you think?

What did you think  when you heard that M&S deal a blow to Fleetwood? What store would you like to see take its place?

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  1. Avatar

    Totally agree all you said, really sad M & S are closing down in Freeport, but have been so disappointed with their clothes lately, I walk through Blackpool store and can not find anything I like, fabrics are so thin, very patterned, frilly just awful. However I will really miss going in for mooch. Plus we are loosing Thornton’s too. Thanks for brilliant news letter as usual.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks for your comment Vicky, it’s frustrating for us shoppers and Freeport won’t be amused either. Nonetheless, there’s the relaunch this weekend, so lets see if there’s a silver lining to the cloud.

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