Migraines and Assorted Pains!

Migraines and Assorted Pains!

I always knew our house was nutty, well now I am sure after the antics of my dear daughter. As those who know who know her will know, she suffers from a heck of a lot of migraines and assorted pains. When they aren’t migraines she’s always got a headache. Well, she was browsing on her computer like you do when she came across an advert for something that looked rather odd. It was a braided cord with beads on it which you put round your head. The beads make contact with the acupressure point on either side of your temple.

Acupressure band for migraine
Acupressure band for migraine

When she was a lot younger I’d told her to press in the dent on either side of your temples, almost level with your eyes. It’s usually painful under your fingers but you have to be a brave soldier. Carry on pressing until the pain eases, which also eases your headache. It really does work and helps, especially when you have continual headaches. She’s had them from being about 11 years old and I’m convinced that something was done to her while she was being born. She was literally dragged out, as she was stuck. They told me she would have been born with a headache and my they weren’t kidding!

This Weeks Cure for Migraines and Assorted Pains

Here I go again, rambling on, but anyway. When she saw the price of this gadget in the picture above at £15.99 she said not likely, I’ll make my own. She’d been to see a client and was near to Mrs Johnson’s Emporium at south shore which sells things like fine cord. So she popped in and filled her boots, literally! If you like crafting you really ought to pop in there. It’s like Aladdin’s Cave.

Mrs Johnson's Emporium
Mrs Johnson’s Emporium

When she finally got home, out came her cord and a toggle. By this time her dad and Kevin wondered what on earth they were for and were soon to find out.

She’d got the cord and two small round plastic beads pinched from one of our pets toys. Kevin was looking at her as though she’d landed from outer space, but how right he was to think that because, by the time she’d finished, she looked  like ‘beam me up Scottie’. There she was playing really nicely with her cord putting it round her head and measuring what was what. Eventually with a bit of help from Kevin, she managed to complete it. There she was in all her glory with white cord round the front of her head and one green and one red plastic ball shaped bead on either side of her skull.

Bigger balls needed!!

When we stopped laughing at her, she decided the balls weren’t big enough and went off to raid said pets toy box for larger beads. Back she came with a triumphant smile waving them about in front of her bless her! Off she went again, going through the whole palaver of threading the cord through the balls and getting it into position on her head. It wasn’t an easy job let me tell you.

There she was, balls in place and smiling as she said they were hitting the exact spot of the pressure point. By this time, we were helpless with laughing at her as she looked as though she had landed from outer space and was a Martian or something. We went on to kill ourselves with laughing as she stood up with her 1960’s bandeau around the front of her head to show us the rest of her war wounds, well some of them.

You’ve got to laugh…

So there she was, with a compression bandage all the way up her arm for the tennis elbow which she’s had since Christmas. A back brace on for continual low back pain and a neck collar for arthritis pain. Talk about looking as though she’d been in a car crash! She just looked like a cartoon that you see with people with slings on, false legs and all the rest. But if you had seen her with her headdress on I bet you would have been in stitches too.

After leaving it on until she went in the bath, she said it had worked so at least it wasn’t all in vain. Whether she will treat us to another laugh another day remains to be seen. But as she said ‘it must be awful having no one to share a joke and have a laugh with’. I thought how true that was and how lucky we are to be able to get on as we do.

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