McDonald's Restaurant at Morrisons

McDonald's Restaurant at Morrisons

So yesterday was D day for the Wyre Council planning decision about the new proposed McDonald’s restaurant at Morrisons. By late yesterday we heard that the verdict is a ‘No’ , after all the trouble that it has caused among local residents who, by and large, don’t want it to be built near to them, which I can understand. However 35 full time jobs and 30 part time ones would also be created, which in this climate can only be a good thing. Of course, concerned residents are objecting because of traffic problems, increased noise, anti -social behaviour, light pollution and the risk of flooding. I’m not sure where the flooding comes into it though, as I wasn’t aware of high tides in Morrisons car park, were you!

Some of the objectors were waving placards during a site visit in the morning before the planning meeting. Contrary wise, there has been 144 letters of support saying that it would create new jobs, bring more visitors to Cleveleys and give children an ‘affordable’ option. Again, I’m not sure where that comes into it as I didn’t know that children were running off to various restaurants to check the price of food, as if they care when mum or dad are there to pay for them! It did look very much like it would be built as planning officers were recommending that it be approved, with several ‘conditions’ attached. In council speak they were saying that noise mitigation measures were needed and that no deliveries were to be allowed outside the hours of 7am and 7pm.

So it was quite a surprise to read that the decision had been made against a new McDonald’s restaurant at Morrisons, although it isn’t over until the fat lady sings, as they say. If planning officers had recommended it it must have complied with national planning rules, so I would have thought it very likely that they will appeal. We shall see.

Originally a children’s play area had been suggested, which was withdrawn in favour of new benches. I can understand the concern over the play area, as it could be used by children or yobs or whatever who don’t eat there, and cause nuisance noise and behaviour to nearby residents. I think it’s fair to say that none of us would like that to happen where we live, I certainly wouldn’t want it near to me.

The opening hours would be 6am to 11pm, with the promise that the jobs would all go to local people with the exception of management, so that would be good for some lucky people who haven’t been able to find a job. For a start there are all the ones who will be out of work when Tesco closes in November.

Personally I can fully understand the concerns raised by surrounding residents, I don’t think many of us are fond of change as such, but the benefits to me outweigh the drawbacks.

Concerns have been raised over the extra traffic around the roundabout. As I said before when the plans were first revealed, it would be a miracle if loads and loads of people descended on McDonald’s all at once, don’t you think. The Fleetwood one for example has a steady trickle of drive through cars and indoor customers. I’ve used the Fleetwood one and never found it to be especially hectic, even at meal times. In fact the roundabout at the Fleetwood one is a good example. That’s on a major junction which serves Asda, Freeport (oops Affinity), Home Bargains and McDonald’s, and you don’t see traffic queues there, do you?

You just don’t suddenly get loads of people wanting to eat all at once, so for me, I can’t see that as a problem. It is a busy roundabout, but what happens at busy periods when you do get a stampede of people is to me more problematic traffic wise, than a steady trickle of traffic to McDonalds.

The artists plans of the new place look very nice. Two storeys were proposed, presumably because the footprint has to be smaller than some others. I wouldn’t mind betting that a lot of people would be pleased to have one so near to Cleveleys, including Jane who’s been saying that she wants one to open. That’s not to say that we live on hamburgers, we don’t. But when the mood occasionally takes us and we can’t be bothered to get food ready, for example after a busy afternoon out, it is nice to have one. We can go months and not have anything from there, but it will be nice to have the choice rather than just pizza (which we don’t even like), fish and chips and Kentucky.

Anyway, the deed is done and the McDonald’s restaurant at Morrisons has been rejected – for now. If I was a betting woman I’d have said it would be passed. After all, if the council do or don’t want to pass something they usually have the last say!!

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