Man Down with Proper Flu

Man Down with Proper Flu

On Wednesday morning I went into the kitchen to get my breakfast, when the other kitchen door opened and there was Kevin telling me that we were a man down. I did wonder why, when he told me he felt dreadful and was going back to bed. Kevin is usually OK as he seems to have a strong immune system, but judging by the way he was hanging onto the door handle and slithering down the wall I knew he wasn’t messing about. It turned out that he’s got proper flu….

Back to bed he went, to mend his head with vinegar and brown paper as the nursery rhyme goes. Although laughing apart, that’s just what my mum used to do when we had a headache. It wasn’t very often that we caught anything as children, although I’ve made up for it since, you can believe me on that one. If anything is doing the rounds guess who gets singled out by any good old virus yes, me. I have had more things wrong than I’ve had hot dinners. But back to my childhood and my mums old fashioned remedies.

Old Fashioned Remedies

Back in the dark ages we didn’t run to the doctors at a drop of a hat like some people do today. Going to the doctors was seen as something you did if you were just about on your last legs, and I joke not. We simply and plainly used old fashioned methods and it always seemed to work.

Back to the vinegar, and the odd days when I had a bad headache, which wasn’t that often (unlike my poor daughter who I was told would have been born with a raging headache due to her delivery). My mum sent me go to bed then she got her book of spells out and would come upstairs to ‘treat’ me. She used to get a large hanky of my dads, soak it in vinegar and put it on my forehead. All the way across and down to my eyes. Now how this worked I’m not sure, but I always dropped asleep and when I woke up the headache was gone. Although it did leave me smelling of fish and chips!

A Good Dose of Proper Flu

Back to Kevin, I went to their bedroom later on and there he was, the poor lad was laid out fast asleep with a woolly hat on, his dressing gown over him and tucked under the duvet. He barely opened his eyes which if you know him and his very slitty eyes was a miracle anyway, and told me that he felt awful. He was aching all over his body including muscles and joints. He was going hot and cold and felt very sick. He had a bucket by the side of the bed ‘just in case’ and there he laid looking at me piteously as if to say ‘do something’. I tried to tell him to take some paracetamol to get his temperature down but was told if he did he would be sick there and then.

Not being heartless or anything, I just didn’t fancy watching him throwing up all over the place. So I clucked and fussed over him and went back later to see how my patient was going on. Jane had managed to get some soluble co-codamol tablets down him when he thought he could take them.

By the time my next patient visit was due he was looking a bit brighter, well at least his eyes were open a bit wider! He did admit that mother knows best regarding getting his temperature down, so as his last tablets were wearing off and he’d gone rotten again, I left him to have a sleep until his next ones were due.

Always Best to Have a Flu Jab…

The trouble is that every year we have had to nag and nag at him to have a flu jab, which he usually gets round to doing eventually. But this year, despite all the warnings of how bad he would feel if he did get proper flu, he didn’t go and get it done, what a dope. A lovable dope he is too, but he is now wishing he’d listened to us as he has got a dose of proper awful flu from somewhere.

Have a flu jab and don't get Proper Flu
Have a flu jab and don’t get Proper Flu

He told me he thought he was dying one morning as he felt so poorly the poor lad, but I reassured him that wouldn’t happen he just had proper flu. It’s made him ache in every inch of his body. I’m just hoping he doesn’t share his germs because even when you have a flu jab you can still get a mild dose of flu, so here’s hoping he keeps it to himself! At least us oldies have had an over 65’s flu jab which is supposed to have more virus strains than the under 65’s.

I had  to put a friend off who was going to pop in that day as I didn’t want her to get it as she suffers from a bad chest. That was a shame, although I’ve not yet reverted to painting a red cross on the door which they used to do in the 1600’s when they had plague!

Proper Flu, not ‘Man Flu’

We did expect him to bounce back quite quickly, he usually does when he has anything wrong. But he hasn’t half got a bad dose of proper flu. Yesterday (Saturday) he’d had a really bad night and it sounded like his temperature had spiked. He thought he was hallucinating, either that or it was an awful dream, whichever it was it was horrible. He’s hardly had a bite to eat since Tuesday and has last about half a stone.

He’s managing to take co-codamol but as soon as it wears off after 4 hours he feels ill again. So it’s wait and see for him, as we’re doing all we can to make him feel better poor lad, he is suffering!

Proper flu remedies

Pot Washer Wanted!

It’s very quiet without him and there’s nobody to wash the pots at dinner and tea time. Before you say how cruel we are to let him wash up, he actually enjoys doing it which I’m sure most men don’t, so we say fill your boots and keep washing up! He’ll be out of action for a while I reckon as he has got proper flu. When people are out and about with a cold and say they have flu they don’t, because as Kevin has found out to his cost, he can’t get out of bed.

I asked him if he’ll get a flu jab next year to which he said a definite ‘yes, at the beginning of September’. I think that’s what you call learning the hard way don’t you, but we will all be glad when he’s back among us as it feels like a wheel has dropped off the bus if you know what I mean!

Local News

Changing the subject. I suppose a lot of you will have heard the news by now that the old ice rink on the prom, which became Knuckleheads amusements and then closed, has been taken over by JD Sports to become one of their gyms.

I did get a shock when I heard what it was to become, although we passed in the car this week and I told Jane all the ceiling lights were on. I think she thought I was imagining it and said it probably was a security light at the back. ‘No it’s not’ I said, which she saw for herself when we drove back later. I did wonder then if someone was interested in it, which it turns out I was right, as I usually am. Although my family would probably disagree on that one!

It was our friends at The Venue who told Jane that it was going to be a JD Gym, and they’ve got 25 such gyms all over the country. Not being in the pedalling like mad and lifting weights brigade etc, I wouldn’t have known.

Proper Investment

It seems that they spend £1.5 million on each one to install the equipment and get it up and running. Looking at the other gyms, they are packed to the hilt with equipment so hopefully something will open that will stay open instead of closing down after a short while. You could believe that building was jinxed, as nobody seems to have been able to make it pay, have they.

Ugly Boxes

When they built the cinema and what was intended to be the new ice rink, I said at the time that I personally thought that they were two ugly buildings. In design, I think they’d have been better suited to a trading estate. Just two big boxes in grey, not my cup of tea for sea front property. I was quite surprised when they got planning permission to build them as they aren’t in keeping with the rest of the property round there. But planning do what they want anyway don’t you think. They do in my experience, we were made to jump through hoops and had a long drawn out planning application so that we kept the building in keeping with the ‘local vernacular’ ie the rest of the property etc. So why we would want to great big boxes still puzzles me. I suppose you get used to them in time, although I don’t seem to have!

The cinema must be doing OK as it is still open which is more than can be said for the other ‘box’. The pub next door has also changed hands a couple of times and is now standing empty, waiting for new owners to take over.

A Bad Impression

What a shame, now that was a nice building when it was new but now stands as a target for the local yobbos to graffiti on.

The windows have been boarded up for obvious reasons, so it was I suppose too tempting for some youths who saw it as an opportunity to cover it in squiggles and rubbish. They have their own graffiti wall on the playground and skate park, which again I personally don’t like. I am an old misery aren’t I, but seeing property defaced like that rattles me.

When I was at grammar school, back in the dark ages, graffiti was unheard of. Nobody drew on anything nor wanted to. You just knew that it wasn’t the right thing to do and so didn’t do it. How times have changed, but what a bad impression it gives of our seafront. People must wonder what they have come to visit when they see that in front of them. But then, I think like a lot of other things that people have become so used to, litter, graffiti and all the rest, that they just ignore it and that’s the problem, it doesn’t go away it gets worse.

I’ll finish now before I sound like too much of a killjoy and I do know that a whole army of people are trying to do something about it, so that is brilliant.

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  1. Hope Kevin’s feeling better soon. Tell him to take it easy as he feels better. WhenI had proper flu, I got back to ‘normal’ as soon as I felt well again and then got post-viral fatigue syndrome. It lasted months and was really debilitating.

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