Look Inside the Winter Gardens

Look Inside the Winter Gardens

Today’s blog is about Saturday’s chance to look inside the Winter Gardens. But first, thankfully, it wasn’t as windy on Monday as it was at the weekend, for the first beach clean of the new year here at Cleveleys.

Sadly, I can’t beach clean any longer and the other two were working. It was a good morning though, I think they said 48 volunteers had come along. A troop of helpers were there from Manor Beach School too.

Loads of rubbish had washed up with the winds at the weekend. This little rubber duck came home with us to join others which live in the utility room. We’re a bit puzzled about the onions and the cat scratching post! The cream blob is expanding foam.

The three of us followed on to have lunch at The Venue which was paid for by a donation from Glasdon, the people who make the litter bins etc.

They kindly thank us every year, specifying that we must spend it on something to say thank you to the volunteers. They appreciate all the work that is done to keep the beaches clean and all the other jobs that we do. So, we thought a lovely buffet lunch after the beach clean would be an excellent way to use it in the purpose that it was meant for. How kind is that of them, it’s so nice to be appreciated for what is done on the beach.

A delicious free lunch!

Of course we were our usual noisy selves, but with The Venue’s lovely chips, sandwiches and cakes what else can you do. I know I sound like a worn out record, but the friendship and fun you get from a group like this is priceless. We had lots of laughs and enjoyed our buffet lunch, that is until you get back and have to start working!

Look Inside the Winter Gardens

Derek and Kevin went to the open day at the Winter Gardens on Saturday. Jane and I voted to stay put and enjoyed a lovely afternoon of peace and quiet.

Opera House at Blackpool Winter Gardens
Opera House at Blackpool Winter Gardens

They were out the weekend before too so we are wondering where we can send them this weekend! Not that we don’t think the world of them, but it was nice to have a cuppa, some naughty sweets, watch recordings and do our colouring, and all the rest that you do on a very rainy afternoon.

Ahh, they got wet!

They came in rather wet as someone in the Winter Gardens made them go out of the building the long way round to get to the car which was parked in the Houndshill. So that meant that they got a good soaking in the pelting rain. My hubby is allergic to rain and will do anything to not get wet, so I bet that went down well with him. When I say allergic, I mean that he hates getting wet. Just in case anyone thinks he comes out in boils or something!

They did actually have a good afternoon out in spite of the awful weather and enjoyed seeing the rooms that you never can go in. It was ‘heaving with people’ according to them, and looking at all the photos they took the place is looking stunning.

A beautiful building

I’ve never been in the Baronial Hall and my is it beautiful. All the gorgeous wood carvings and panelling and the ceilings well, that was something else.

Baronial Hall at Blackpool Winter Gardens
Baronial Hall at Blackpool Winter Gardens

The whole place is looking really good after all the renovations, although some are still under way. They went on the stage to see what it looked like as if you were a star looking out at the audience. Thank goodness they didn’t break out into singing while they were there or the place would have emptied promptly!

They went in all the small rooms that you would never see, rooms with all the stage spotlights in and dark dusty corners. I wouldn’t like to get locked in there put it that way, as I bet it is sooo eerie at night when the place is empty.

If you’re short of a rope…

Ropes by the million, well not quite but a lot of them. Stupid me asked why they had such a lot while wondering if they tied people up or something. A snort of derision came with that one as I was told they would be to haul things up onto the stage.

Stage ropes at Blackpool Winter Gardens Opera House
Stage ropes at Blackpool Winter Gardens Opera House

I was amazed by the sheer size of the place. It’s enormous to put it mildly. We all know it is big but when you see photos of all the ballrooms and different halls it takes on a proportion of its own, it’s very big! We looked at an aerial shot of the place which lets you see just how big it really is. And of course there’s a new modern development going up to make it even bigger, with the Conference Centre on Adelaide Street.

Did you go to look inside the Winter Gardens at the open day? If you missed it, make a note to go next year.

Happy hours

When we were young, we spent a lot of happy hours in the ballroom that we went downstairs to. It might have been the Spanish room I’m not sure. We used to take Jane and my mum and dad and dance the night away, as they say. My dad and hubby didn’t get up on the floor, which was just as well as they are like two pokers when it comes to dancing, very stiff I think you could call it!

My mum, Jane and I would get gyrating on the dance floor and really enjoyed it. We also went to many of the shows there which were always very good.

Big name shows

Freddie Starr was on one year. That was when he was a lot younger, before the bad name he seems to have acquired over the years. I remember laughing till my sides nearly split. We watched many stars on those stages and loved to go to the shows while we were on holiday. That was in the days when big name stars would come here.

With a show booked every night we were certainly entertained. We used to book the front row which was brilliant. That was until some of the stars started picking on you to poke fun at. That’s when our quiet shy side come out and the red faces!

All sorts on in Blackpool

It’s nice to see that big names are coming back to Blackpool once again. The days of one show running for the entire summer season are long gone. The world has changed never mind the resort. But if you look at the what’s on list for the Winter Gardens and the Grand Theatre there are some really big name shows at both of them.

All in all, it’s a shame we didn’t go with them to the Open Day. I was perfectly content in my warm dry house, listening to the rain lashing down! See lots more photos at this link.

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