A Little Bit Lighter

A Little Bit Lighter

For those of you who are back to work, I hope you have had a good New Year or a start to it I should say, and it’s getting a little bit lighter too.

Has anyone made any New Year resolutions? I haven’t, simply because I know I won’t stick to them, I don’t know about you. My three are back in the office, leaving the house eerily quiet. I’ve so enjoyed having the family around me and relaxing and with Kevin helping quite a few times to get the tea ready what more could I want. I’m sure a meal tastes nicer when someone gets it ready for you, I’m not sure why but it does it for me, every time. I’d just like them to get more practice! It was rather strange after lunch, watching the clock again instead of moving when we want to, but that’s life isn’t it. Kevin has even learnt how to get the dogs meals ready to save me coming down when he gets the tea. It’s OK treating me when on holiday but when they all are back, I still have to do the same old things and after being spoilt for a while, I could get used to it! Anyway, thankfully we have no weird or horrible things to report from Rabbit Towers during our lovely break from the daily grind, which makes a change as something usually does go wrong.

A Little Bit Lighter

Have you noticed that already the nights are starting to draw out, not a lot I admit, but at least we are going the right way. It’s getting a little bit lighter each day now.

With Spring round the corner it can’t be bad can it. My snowdrops are pushing up through the soil again, which I love. My dad dug them up from his garden and planted them in my garden in Yorkshire. When we came here, I insisted on them being dug up again and coming to Cleveleys with us. They are such a reminder of my long gone dad. I can still see him planting them in my garden, which is a nice memory. They must be very old snowdrops as my dad has not been with us for a long time and he had them for years in his garden, so I can’t imagine how old they must be. Don’t you think it’s amazing the way that plants and bulbs seem to last forever.

More memories in the garden

We also brought peonies from our garden when we came here, which had originally come from my very first boyfriends garden when I was sweet seventeen! He brought them to my mum and dads garden where, after many years they gave me a clump of them. Of course, we brought them here too. After all, I couldn’t leave yet another memory of long ago, could I! As a result, they’ve been flowering their heads off every year since. They are these deep pinky red ones that you saw a lot of when I was but a mere lass, and now of course you can get all colours.


We have a white one here that we bought called Shirley Temple. It’s tinged with the faintest pink and it’s delightful. We also brought two tree peonies from t’other place which I loved, but sadly the oldest one flowered the first year and then gave up the ghost, probably with all the salty wind. Having said that, the other one, a shade of beautiful purpley pink, is still with us and I hope for many years yet.

Tree Peony
Tree Peony

Did you know that when you plant peonies, you have to bury them very shallow with part of the root showing or it simply won’t flower. A bit like irises I suppose as they won’t flower unless their corms are planted practically on top of the soil. It’s amazing what mother nature asks you to do don’t you think.

A garden on the move

Kevin was still in his old job working shifts at the computer centre for HSBC when we moved here. Every time he finished a shift he kept loading the car up when he came over here for the weekend or a holiday, with plants from our garden. I don’t know what people thought on the M62, the entire car was chock full of branches, leaves and flowers!

There were so many memories in that garden, gifts of birthdays, anniversaries, even roses planted above long gone and buried pets. Me being me, and being of a soppy nature, they simply had to come with me! Weekend after weekend he came, loaded up with climbing roses, shrubs, flowers, bulbs you name it here it came.

I just couldn’t leave memories behind, but as we had a big garden over the hills, and this one being small, the two don’t add up so we had to be sure of what we really wanted here. Apparently, the people who bought our house have dug up my lovely rockeries which were full of mature rock plants and replaced it with a lawn. When you have lugged tons of rocks and painstakingly made rockeries, it seems sad that someone new comes along and rips it up. But it’s not ours anymore so I have to make do with photographs and memories, something nobody can ever take away from me.

PS from Jane: And I’m so glad we don’t have a great big garden to look after anymore, it’s a struggle looking after a pocket hanky!

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