Knight in Shining Armour

Knight in Shining Armour

Here go again with my computer playing silly games with me. I turned it on and everything as if by magic decided to stick. Facebook wouldn’t move, emails wouldn’t work, nothing was playing. So I had no choice but to ring my knight in shining armour Kevin, to sort me out.

Whatever people do without a Kevin I do not know. My computer would have been consigned to the bin a long time ago, because I haven’t got a clue how to mend things when they are playing up. I do wonder if there are many people out there like me and don’t know how the internal mind of a computer works. And why, for no apparent reason, the blooming thing refuses to work.

It seems that the internet had well and truly gone off, even after I’d tried a while to sort it myself and not bother my Knight in Shining Armour. I still can’t see what he had to do to get order back and when I tried to open my July file to type my blog, the whole of July vanished in front of my eyes!

As if someone had waved a magic wand...
As if someone had waved a magic wand… it all disappeared

It was like watching the late Paul Daniels. One minute it was there and the next, a puff of smoke and it had gone not to be found. Although Kevin did manage to get it back. So here I am able to type to you and bring you more news from our mad house.

Everything’s blooming in the garden

Were you all ready for the rain then? Weren’t the gardens ready for some. My plants have been moaning and groaning when I go outside to tell me they are very thirsty, so I obediently give them a drop of water. I never hear a thank you but hopefully they will get another good shower later as they are really dry.

Rose in our back garden

Last week when we went to Burnside in search of pond plants, I bought the most beautiful fuchsia I’ve ever seen. It’s my favourite colours, two shades of pink. The deeper shade is almost a neon pink and the outer petals a sort of soft pinky yellow. I’ve never seen a fuchsia in those colours before and my inner itch (which means I just have to have something) came out with a vengeance. The fuchsia somehow landed in our shopping trolley! I just couldn’t have left it there if you know what I mean, as I might never get the chance to get one in that colour again.

The trouble was, it was rather large. It was also the last one and looking at all the space around the one I got, I assume they had sold like wildfire. Anyway, we got said plant home.

Can it come inside?

Much to the funny looks I got after my precious plant had been outside overnight, I asked very nicely, in my best wheedling voice, if I could bring it inside and enjoy it in the lounge. Nobody spoke, so I took it that meant ‘well if you must’. So I got my Knight in Shining Armour (Kevin) to cart it upstairs in all its glory.

After being at the side of the room which is furthest away from where I sit, I moved it to my side of the room where I could bask in being the mother of such a beautiful fuchsia.

My lovely fuchsia, carried upstairs by my knight in shining armour!
My lovely fuchsia, carried upstairs by my knight in shining armour!

It certainly does get dry, the poor thing, as it does get warm in our living room. Kevin asked me yesterday what was wrong with it as it looked rather sorry for itself. I jumped up to inspect my treasure and found it was bone dry. After apologising to it profusely, I gave it a good drink of water, dead headed it, gave it a good talking to and today it’s fine.

Talk to the Plants

They always say you should talk to your plants, which I do, daft though I am. I’m sure it works. If I’ve had a plant looking decidedly sorry for itself, I give it a good talking to and tell it to pull its socks up or else it will have to leave our home for pastures anew. Do you know, it always has worked for me.

We’ve been going to the Plant Place for donkeys years, going back to when it hadn’t been open for long, was a heck of a lot smaller and was more of a traditional nursery.

Many of you will know that they play classical music outside where the plants are. I’ve wondered many times if it’s to keep them calm and make them grow. I must be asking one of these days. I’m daft I know, which now you’ve read this will probably tell you all that it’s true, I have lost my mind. But never mind, the plants seem to enjoy it!

Pond Life

Jane was out at the season launch for Blackpool Illuminations on Tuesday morning. After enjoying a good morning there, she decided to go to a nearby pond shop. She wanted to get some water snails for her new pond that I’ve already written about.

Home she came clutching a bag of six or was it seven snails. They eat dead leaves in the pond and help to keep it clean. It was just like watching her as a child with exactly the same look of enjoyment on her face. She’d also brought a couple of pieces of driftwood from the beach on Monday which she studiously scrubbed clean.

Then she put them in her pond as somewhere for birds to sit and have a drink. She was so thrilled at what she’d done, it was lovely to see her happy face. When sparrows turned up not 10 minutes later to do exactly that, she was ecstatic. It’s great isn’t it when the small things in life can bring so much pleasure!

Sparrows arrive at the wildlife pond
Sparrows arrive at the wildlife pond

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